Keifer Sutherland co-stars and directs in the 1997 drama Truth of Consequences, N.M. Sutherland plays the role of Curtis Freley, the wild man in a group of hardened criminals lead by Vincent Gallo’s Raymond Lembecke.

The film begins with Raymond in prison. He released to find his girlfriend, Addy played by Kim Dickens waiting for him. Eight months later, Raymond, Curtis and Marcus played by Mykelti Williamson, better known as Brian Hastings from 24, head out to a drug buy where things go horribly wrong. Curtis shoots up the room, including an undercover cop which leads to a firefight with the police. The group escapes with the police right behind them. Eventually they come upon a couple having a picnic and steal their car. The couple, Gordon and Donna are taken along as hostages. It’s at this point with the police chasing them and planning at the station that it’s revealed that Marcus is an undercover DEA agent. From here we get some great character development within the group as Gordon begins to model himself after Curtis, Addy and Raymond make plans for their future, and Marcus continually tries to tip off the police. Eventually we head to Truth or Consequences New Mexico where there is a big showdown with most of the storylines coming to an end.

Keifter Sutherland otherwise known as Jack Bauer, delivers a performance here that solidifies why he was perfect in his casting as Bauer. He’s playing the opposite side of Bauer, a man on the run who doesn’t mind if he kills anyone that gets in his way. Everything is about Curtis in this film to him and he has no problem killing innocents or sometimes it seems, for fun. It’s like his character Snake from Stand by Me mashed together with Jack Bauer, that’s the character he’s playing here. What makes this film is the band on the run storyline. The individual actors are wildly inconsistent and there are no real memorable lines of dialogue. What Sutherland does however, is he gives little moments to pause and collectively catch your breath before filling the screen with another well shot action scene. It’s a shame that Sutherland has only one other directing credit to his name as I think he has a nice eye for visual action films and would like to see what he can do post 24.