Good action sequences and irregular spikes in character development are always better than not having any. I would not wish to mislead the reader right from the start, since “X Men: First Class” is one of those movies that many of us impatiently looked forward to this summer. In a nutshell “X Men: First Class” although is not the best in the franchise it does at times manage to reach out and speak to the audience. This movie has been the best in the franchise to some and this movie is also being considered a top notch CGI treat and an astonishing action flick. However to me it threw out mixed signals, although I would watch it again on DVD someday, I would like to make my insight very clear on this. “X Men: First Class” is highly overrated and feeble in its plot with lesser focus on character growth which in a prequel is VITAL I think.

This is how I prepared myself to watch the supposedly massively entertaining summer blockbuster “X Men: First Class”. I took the time to watch the entire X men Quadrilogy once again; refreshed my memory and then I made my way to the theatre. I was fresh in my mind and had all the X men facts lined up quite neatly.

Is it only me or did anyone else notice the fact that in “X Men: The Last Stand” Professor X and Magneto were still close friends and Professor X was still walking when they went to pay a visit to young Jean. Not to mention he was pretty much bald as well at that point of time and also hands out a leaflet of his Xavier’s School for the gifted to Jeans parents. Seems like writers didn’t want to be very precise on the facts since Professor X is on his cool X Men wheel chair and he has a lovely growth of hair in the greatest prequel said to have been made! Mismatch? Why? This was the cherry on the icing for me to be very stern on my view that “X Men: First Class” failed me. Sluggish and slow for over 40 minutes and very slow character developments is one the factors that disheartened me and affected my viewing pleasure. Seem like the great enemies Magneto and Professor X decided to go their own ways for a reason so trivial that it made me laugh in the end. They almost could have wrapped it up as a great movie if all the loose ends would have been given more thought. Speaking on the areas of CGI seems a bit tricky, however I need to be honest and say that a greater part of the movie the CGI was well at average if not even better. A majority of the CGI was very intelligently thought through with the exception of one. The missiles on the beach looked a bit like it came out of a Nintendo 64! Sadly this is all I can share without spoiling it for you readers in case you have not watched the movie yet. If you ever do watch it, pay very close attention to the missiles on the beach and you will see what I mean.

At the risk of the cliché every cloud has its silver lining! In a very bland environment, the bond between Professor X and Magneto (Erik) at the soon to be Xavier’s school for the gifted reached out to me and I actually felt a strong connection between the two mutants and was most welcomed beautiful experience. James McAvoy and Micheal Fassbender plays it exceptionally well and really works some magic with their characters despite the fact of the weakly written script that gave them only that much to work on. Kevin Bacon was the ideal villain and he fitted Sebastian Shaw like the perfect leather glove. With such great casting and with some convincing acting its shocking how Matthew Vaughn could not pull this movie to shore.

Should one watch it should one not? Since its X MEN I think one should. However I am glad I never purchased a ticket to watch this, I walked in with a free movie pass, so I feel my money was saved! To our intelligent and passionate movie lovers, this one is entirely over to you!

Title: X Men: First Class

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn

Starring: James McAvoy, Laurence Belcher, Micheal Fassbender, Bill Milner, Kevin Bacon, Rose Byrne, Jennifer Lawrence & Oliver Platt

Rated: PG 15

Rating: 05/10

132 Minutes