After Earth (2013)

 Our world can be a dangerous place to live, especially when it concerns maintaining the environment, and movies have had their fair share of topics dealing with the environment. Mainly in the post-apocalyptic area is where films tend to draw inspiration for source material. The latest film to follow the trend of post-apocalyptic movies is “After Earth”, a survival flick that connects a father and his son together. The story does feel a bit week, and the editing could have been improved greatly, but the performances of the father and son are what the audience can relate to. “After Earth” may not bring out the best in a post-apocalyptic world, but it does bring out the survival instinct between a father and his son.

 The story is set in the near future where humankind has destroyed the Earth’s resources, again, and have found new life on a new planet. After aliens invaded the Earth. Yeah. Enter Cypher Rage (Will Smith) and his son Kitai (Jaden Smith), who go on a delivery mission by transporting one of the captured aliens to another planet. While on the course, the ship crash lands on Earth with only father and son left to survive and Cypher trying to teach his son that fear is not an option.

 “After Earth” is mediocre at best. The story feels week as there are scenes that have unnecessary flashbacks, and a huge plot hole how Earth got all these giant creatures to appear on the new post-apocalyptic Earth. The direction by M. Night Shyamalan is misguided as this doesn’t feel like a Shyamalan production. The acting is hokey, and while both Jaden and Will Smith deliver good performances, the acting is a bit over-the-top and cheesy. The pacing is the real turning point that downgrades this movie. This film felt short, quick, and made it seem like it was over in a few minutes. If the film had gone a little longer and actually explained some things and made the story better, then it would have been acceptable. But for now, “After Earth” is just all right.

 With that being said, the music and the special effects are pretty good. The cinematography is not that bad either. But these are the only good things that keep the production value interesting. Now the theme of survival does work pretty well for the story, but one loses interest at the very end. Speaking of the end of the film, the final minutes just raise more questions that need to be answered.

 Overall, “After Earth” is okay, it just needed to be improved by a long shot. The theme of survival has not reached Hollywood just yet, but if done in the right hands, then it can be something to hold our interests about what we need to do to our world.

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