Oh no, it happened again! With Stu’s (Ed Helms) wedding being on location in Thailand, Phil (Bradley Cooper) feels that a bachelor party is needed to make up for his long trip there. Tag along, Alan (Zach Galifianakis), Doug (Justin Bartha) and the brides little brother, Teddy (Mason Lee) take a journey throughout the city for Ed’s final night as a single man. The next morning comes and Phil, Alan and Ed wake up in a foreign room, a severed finger and a missing Teddy. Now they must retrace their steps and find Teddy before the wedding. Will they find him in time? Whose finger did they find? Will Ed still get married? 


            So, this film is exactly like the first. Sure there are a few moments of giggles, but it was like was a repeat of Hangover I. From the toast to the weird events of the bachelor night to the morning wakeup in a strange room, to finding something unexpectedly done on one of them, to finding the missing person and savaging the city; all the same. This movie had potential to being a good comedy film but there was no change, which made it dull. Even the ending of the movie was similar to the first. All in all, I will never view this film again.