This film is about a man named Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) who came up with a great idea for better publicity and revenue for the record label he is working for. The idea is to have a famous musican named Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) come out of hiadious and perform at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Aldous and his band was at the top of his career until his beloved Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) dumped him because he was too boring when he stopped using drugs. Now, Sergio (Sean Combs), his boss, is demanding that Aaron travel to London and bring Aldous back to L.A. within a couple of days. After arriving in London, from the first hello to Aldous, Aaron’s trip goes from hectic to crazy. From bar hoppings to drug and alcohol abuse sessions to fist fights. Will Aaron lose his job because he is having a hard time cooperating with Aldous? Will Aldous get back with Jackie Q? Will Aaron get Aldous to the Greek Theatre in time?


I thought the film had its funny moments and its ‘oh my goodness, really?’ moments. For instance, any scene with Sergio was pathetic, embarassing, ignorant and a waste of reel. Sean should win the award for ‘overacting.’ All of the unneccessary profanity, the excess of lines, including continuous repetitions and too much body moments. All this just made Sean Combs, not the character, look like a sad case. I can’t believe the director ever said, ” And cut. Okay, Sean great work.” Unless he was intimidated by Sean’s money and connections to cut his scenes, like I said, pathetic. On the positive note, I usually don’t think Russell Band is funny, but I liked him in this movie. He was entertaining to watch and the combo with Jonah completed the comedy package. All in all, I enjoy watching the movie but unfornately, Sean Combs just ruined it for me. So on anothernote, I will never view this film again.