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Little Fockers-Review

So, finally the third sequel is out and now it’s not about meeting the parents, it’s all about the children. Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) received a promotion at the hospital in a leading position and Pam (Teri Polo) is at home taking care of the children. With their lives in constant motion, Pam and Greg rearly have time for each other. Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) just found out the tragic news that his favorite son-in-law, Dr. Bob (Tom McCarthy II) had relations outside of the marriage with his daughter. Dr. Bob and his wife didn’t spend must time together either, so when Jack and Dina (Blythe Danner) come over to visit, he opens up his eagle eyes again on Greg. Meanwhile, Greg meets a pharmacuetical rep, Andi Garcia (Jessica Alba), who is young and full of life. She wants him the speaker for a new drug (fixes male erectile dysfunction without raises the heart rate) her company is selling. Jack is snopping around and only hears what he think is infadelity and becomes more supicious. The last thing Jack wants is to see another daughter emotionally hurt, especially with Greg and Pam’s twins birthday party around the corner. So his next best plan is to get Pam’s ex, Kevin Rawley (Owen Wilson) and her back together. Will Greg be able to explain everything? Will Jack confront Greg? Will Pam open her eyes and be with Kevin?


I loved this movie. I have been hearing a lot of bad reviews and I 180 degrees disagree. This movie is as funny as the other two. I love how Greg has matured into the lead man when Jack tells him that Greg will take over the family when he dies. Off the subject, Ben Stiller is getting hotter. Why is it that when men get older, they become more attractive? Back to the movie, Jessica Alba’s character was a little too much. I mean, in the real  world, a sales rep would not use slang when trying to talk to a nurse or doctor about a new product. I guess she can get away with it because she is beautiful, oh well. I liked that Jack and Greg finally did a good ole fashion fist fight. It was long overdue. Way to man up, Greg. My favorite scene was when Greg is looking for Jack in the ball pit and balls begin moving by in a random motion like ‘Jaws.’ Then Greg, screams to the children to get out of the pit, as if their lives are in danger. All in all, I will buy this film when it comes to dvd and blu ray.

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  1. For a PG-13 rating on the movie, I thought that some of the innuendos and thematic material were pushing R. When parents see the preview, and the title “Little Fockers”, they assume that it is going to be a family-friendly film that their kids can enjoy as well. However, most of the jokes focus on sex and genetalia–not exactly appropriate material for young children. At one point, Greg’s son is asked to draw a picture that reminds him of “Family”, and he produces an image of his grandfather’s penis being stabbed. (Which has to do with an earlier questionable scene where the son walks in on this happening). In our particular theater, there were many young kids and parents who had to cover their eyes at certain parts in the film. Of course, it is entirely the adults’ decision on whether or not they want their kids to see the movie. But for a movie that, as Nicole said, is focusing on the Focker children, the jokes should be more age-appropriate for younger audiences.

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