“Martian Child” stars John Cusack and Bobby Coleman, and co-stars Amanda Peet, Joan Cusack, Oliver Platt, and Sophie Okonedo. It’s directed by Menno Meyjes, who has worked previously with John Cusack for the movie “Max”, and the screenplay was written by Seth Bass and Jonathan Tolins.

David (John Cusack) remembers what it is like being different as a child. After the death of his wife, David decides to adopt a child. When he comes across a foster child by the name of Dennis (Bobby Coleman), who believes that he is from Mars, he decides to adopt this being and find the true child inside of him. After spending some quality time with Dennis, David finds himself questioning his own beliefs.

The breakthrough performance by Bobby Coleman as the Martian Child is delightfully convincing and as always John Cusack give a pleasant performance as the confused dad. This is sure to put a smile on your face and bring tears to your eyes. This has a striking resemblance to “K-Pax”, but doesn’t use the material in a similar way. Instead, it makes the material more interesting and suitable for the whole family. I enjoyed the concept and the way it was put to use, which makes me admire the adorable screenplay.

Given the fact that the director has previously worked with John Cusack, this allows him the ability to have a better feel of what the actor wants. In this case, it really shows. The chemistry between John Cusack and Bobby Coleman is both charming and endearing. There are very few things that I disliked about it. I did think that the last scene was played out a little too long, but it still works out for the better. The score worked really well for me, making the movie even more fun than it already was. Kids might lose interest, but I can almost assure that everyone else will be waiting for that wonderful and heartwarming ending the film has in store. I was thoroughly engaged throughout the whole movie.

If your a fan of John Cusack and his overlooked talent, then by all means check out this movie. Bobby Coleman does a remarkable job, but considering that the movie is getting reviews that mostly aren’t good, this just might be his only movie, but I am close to certain that someone will recognize this young boy’s talent and cast him for a role in an upcoming film. He actually has me convinced that he is truly from Mars. This is an adorable movie that deserves more praise for the stellar performances and it’s touching story. Watch it and tell me that you wouldn’t want to adopt such an eccentric child as this one.