What do you get when you combine the ingenious writing/directing of Christopher Nolan with the superb acting skills of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Paige, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard, and others?  Inception, this year’s biggest movie.  A movie that not only defines the phrase “on the edge of your seat” but that will make you afraid to blink for fear of missing something.

Set in a near future where technology has been invented that allows specialy trained individuals to break into your dreams and steal your ideas, one group decides to try the impossible, planting an idea.  DiCaprio plays Cobb a deeply troubled, and yet the best, “Extractor” out there.  When he puts together his team of professionals we get to see something a little uncommon, a heist movie, where the motive is to break in, and leave something behind rather than take.

DiCaprio isn’t the only talent in this film, it’s rare to find a cast where the weakest link would be considered one of the best in acting today.  When you combine his talents with the likes of Paige, Cain, Murphy, Levitt and more, you get one thing, believability.  Every single person in this movie gives an oscar worthy performance as their characters.

Add some nice effects and you’ve got pure entertainment.  Not once did it feel like they went out of the way to just show off the effects, every visually amazing feat played into or progressed the story while leaving you in awe.  From the city folding over itself, a fight scene with no gravity, or realities exploding in dust, you will feel like you are truly watching someone’s dream.

Nolan does something that few Director’s dare to, he’s assumes his audience is intelligent.  Most think of their viewers sub-par intellectually and would rather just throw explosions in our face instead of make us think.  Nolan on the other hand somehow keeps you completely entertained without allowing your mind to take a break.  It’s a shame that there are many who will dislike the movie merely for lack of the intelligence it takes to understand this masterpiece.  That’s exactly what it is, a cinematic masterpiece that demands multiple viewings, and could quite possibly be the best movie of this decade.