If you love eccentric and completely original pieces of art then you need to run out right now and watch this movie. I was blown away by everything this movie had going for it. You can tell this was a low budget film but the director and all others involved definitely squeezed all  they they could out of it. I will be brief and try to not spoil anything.

The story breaks down into a struggle on several levels. The struggle of a father caught between being a father and being a successful and prominant business man who leaves his fatherly responsibilities in exchange for his own personal gain. The setting is a no name major city. The beginning I’m warning you will be disorientating but trust me it all comes together. There is also an alternate struggle between good/evil, and light/dark so to speak in an “alternate” reality to our world.  Trust me, nothing I can say in this review does this movie justice. 

 The movie has action, it has drama, it has a better than normal cast for this kind of budget and the “bad” guys are completely original and I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this. The morality and the complexity of the storyline will astound you, hopefully.  The little girl  does a phenominal job and the main character who is neither bad nor good was pleasantly surprising. Overall I can’t say too much more without giving away anything important. There are times I laughed and times I had tears in my eyes. The last thing I have to note about this movie was it’s soundtrack. It was amazing, I had to buy the soundtrack that same day, way more than anyone would expect out of  a movie that didn’t really hit the mainstream. One extra side note, the director was exremely happy that this movie was downloaded illegally because of the positive feedback and reviews. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did. I have already watched it four times.  

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