Rules of Engagement

Imagine the movie A Few Good Men, now mix it with Courage Under Fire, and you’ll get Rules of Engagement. An amazing war-drama, Rules of Engagement stars Samuel L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones and an all-star ensemble cast including Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley, and Blair Underwood. The film is about Marine Colonel Terry Childers (Jackson) who is taken to court-martial for ordering his troops to fire on civilians at an American Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen (which breaks the military’s Rules of Engagement). The film is very well written and is interesting because it shows the activities of the legal department of the military with more corrective issues and less Demi Moore (reference to A Few Good Men).

Best Aspects: Good writing, acting, directing and plot. The ending is also very good and uplifting.

Bottom Line: B+. Good movie, deserving of a watch from a war-movie fan.

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