This movie is an hour and forty-seven minutes long.  It is rated R for pretty much everything, no wait, I don’t think it had drug usage.  It stars Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund (of Freddy Kruger Fame). 

 The title says it all.  This movie is about Zombie Strippers.  They don’t start out zombies, and not all of them start out strippers but they both happen.  This movie is about a virus that gets out and infects the locals at an illegal strip club.  Jenna Jameson plays the main and hottest stripper, Robert Englund the club owner, and there are a lot of other people in the cast but not so important.  The virus is spread how it usually is, bites, scratches, all get you infected.  The Army is sent to contain it, or are they?  That is the main question.

This movie really has no point and takes place pretty much in the strip club.  There are a few scenes outside and in a hospital, but all the real action happens in the strip club.  It is not shot with the best special effects, but with a movie named zombie strippers you shouldn’t’t expect the best, you should however expect humor, and lots of it.  You will never look at billiard balls the same.  Fun and laughs and lots of female nudity are the staples of this movie.  It has the drippings of a horror movie, lots of gore, pulling off of arms, decomposing females and a decapitated head.

My main problem with this movie was that it took a long time to get to the action.  Too much time was spent on the explanation of why the world had changed, why the army was at the hospital trying to get the zombies and take care of them, and why the zombies had been created in the first place. 

If you want a zombie movie that is fun and full of hot, naked girls, then you have to go see this movie.  If you want a serious horror zombie flick, I don’t think I will recommend this movie to you because serious it is not.  In fact the only reason I am putting it in the horror genre is because of all of the gore and disembodied body parts.