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Best Movies of the Year (So Far)

Since Inception is coming out on Thursday night at Midnight (technically Friday), I figured I’d do a best movies of 2010 since half of the year is already over. So, here is my list for the 5 best movies so far this year:

Honorable Mentions:

>Shutter Island: Though I actually hated the movie because they cast the wrong people and I read the book before and Laeta Kalogridis literally RAPED Dennis Lehane’s masterwork, Scorsese still had some good camera angles in it and Ted Levine (and Ben Kingsley) did amazing, so I think it is worth mentioning (and for those of you who are asking “what about earlier this year when you reviewed it and gave it a really good rating?” Well, if you read a few of my reviews, you should know that I change my mind about movies A LOT (ergo Avatar).)

>Kick-Ass: Though the film really didn’t do it for me (again with the changing of the mind), the movie was respectable because it actually had some good acting from Nicolas Cage (which hasn’t happened since Matchstick Men, in my opinion). The movie was funny and had some good action, but the kid playing Kick-Ass made me want to kill him and leave every time I saw him or heard him on the screen (if you didn’t catch that, he utterly sucks at acting).

>Robin Hood: A good idea, but the movie just didn’t click, and it didn’t draw me into it, it kind of just left me there watching, waiting for it to end. The good thing is that it felt shorter than it was, and the film had some pretty decent action sequences.

>Edge of Darkness: Slow, but good.

>Iron Man 2: Nothing really happened, but the fights were pretty epic. Mickey Rourke I think has four lines, and two of them are in Russian.

>The Crazies: I underestimated this one, and it was actually pretty good and a tiny bit creepy, making me actually jump once.

>Date Night: Very stupid, but very funny at the same time. I’d recommend seeing this one, as well.

>The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Pretty interesting, somewhat entertaining, long as hell, and often boring. Yep, that’s a Scandinavian movie for you (if you didn’t catch the joke, most Scandinavian movies are very entertaining and action-packed, and that is why the sarcasm thing works here).

>How to Train Your Dragon: A fun family film that gave Dreamworks the upper hand on animation this year along with the fourth installment to Shrek that was doing well until Toy Story 3 came out and raped the Dreamworks team in the face.

>She’s Out of My League: A funny, quirky romantic comedy that is a good DVD watch. The film is well done and well casted, though regardless of the situation, though I am not gay so I can’t be a judge, but, I would never cast Jay Baruchel as a go-getter for the 10/10 girl, since he is obviously a 4 at best.

>Get Him to the Greek: Funny, but not near the level of humor that was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. For an example of its level of comedy, it is to Forgetting Sarah Marshall as Funny People is to 40 Year Virgin, in Judd Apatow terminology.


5. Hot Tub Time Machine: Purely funny and so stupid that you will laugh until it hurts.

4. TIE:

>From Paris With Love:A great Luc Besson/Pierre Morrel collaboration that makes Travolta as cool as he was in Pulp Fiction, and lets Jonathan Rhys Meyers be a cool breakout star.

>Harry Brown: This movie was the shit. Michael Caine is amazing as the enforcer of good in this thrilling story of an old good triumphing against new evils.

>Repo Men: The movie was good, but the ending was pure Eric Garcia (the author of the book), such a sad ending, but you feel that it is the right way to have it end, because in it all there is still happiness with all of the characters (even if they don’t know it). AMAZING ending, completely caught me off guard, which almost never happens. It is a good movie, and though it ripped off Repo!: The Genetic Opera (which was actually the doing of Eric Garcia), it is still good. Many of the best movies have been rip-offs of other things (allegedly: Terminator ripped off The Outer Limits, Avatar ripped off Call Me Joe by Poul Johnson, Road Trip ripped off Overnight Delivery, The Others ripped off The Innocents, Lion King ripped off Kimba the White Lion, Reservoir Dogs ripped off City on Fire, The Village ripped off Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix, and Star Wars ripped off The Hidden Fortress), and so I think that it is fine since the movie was actually good, though Repo!: The Genetic Opera was, as well.

3. Ghost Writer: Based on the Robert Harris novel, The Ghost Writer is very well crafted and has an outstanding cast who act wonderfully in this Roman Polanski yarn.

2. The Book of Eli: One of the better Sci-Fi movies I have seen recently, The Book of Eli is very well done. Though many people thought that the twist was stupid and cheesy, I thought that it was very creative, and it also caught me off guard (such as the previously said Repo Men or Fight Club). I would recommend you see it, right after you see the next movie on my list.

1. Brooklyn’s Finest: One of the best crime movies I have had the luxury of seeing, though the ending could have played out better. The movie is very well done and is great to watch. Though there isn’t as much action in it as many people expected, the film is still extremely entertaining. See it, I completely recommend it.

Mind you, I haven’t seen Toy Story 3 or Shrek Forever After yet, so my general decesion may be changed.

*An added treat: The 5 worst movies of the year:*

5. Youth in Revolt

4. Clash of the Titans

3. TIE:
>The Last Airbender
>The Tooth Fairy

2. The Wolfman

1. Splice

2 thoughts on “Best Movies of the Year (So Far)”

  1. I also thought the Book Of Eli was one of the better science Fiction flicks out at that time. I just gotta ask though, is The Last Airbinder that bad?

  2. yeah. it was boring, the effects were okay, the acting was pretty damn bad, and the story ventured off many a time. But if you want to see it, see it, normally reviewers are wrong because, especially me, they only focus on their views of the film, and not the general idea of “will everyone like this movie?” But in my opinion, the movie really wasn’t very good. But, there were two worse movies this year, so at least it isn’t Razi-worthy.

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