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Horror Movies- Where Are They?

Think about how horror movies were in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Don’t you get nightmares just thinking about horror movie greats like Halloween, The Howling, and even all the way back to Psycho? I remember growing up and staying up late against my parents warnings to catch that classic horror flick. Well, they question is where did they go? I mean, don’t get me wrong, they have made a couple good scary movies in the past nineteen years, but not many.

So let’s think about some “scary movies” made in the last decade or so. We have Scream, what a flick. Probably one of the best horror trilogies of all time. Neve Campbell shines in all three flicks with that classic blood curdling scream that made Vivian Leigh roll in her grave. The movies are full of twists and turns that would cause Linda Blair to spit pea soup. With that success, we had other “teen screams” that tried to raise the bar and failed. Movies like Valentine and Jawbreaker.

Now let’s roll forward a couple years, to the year Saw came out. Finally, a true Horror movie like no other. The Saw series has brought a much needed breath to horror fans everywhere. We wait all year Halloween to come around just to see what kind of sick and twisted game Jigsaw is going to create. And every year for 6 years now, he has brought his A-game. But with that brought other twisted death games like Are You Scared 1 & 2. These movies don’t even deserve a trailer.

And finally we have remakes. Come on already. Are you kidding me right now? So I have to give props to a couple; Friday the 13th, Last House on the Left, and My Bloody Valentine. I guess even Halloween was alright, with Rob Zombie’s vision. But now they are talking about remaking some of the best horror movies ever made. Like they really think that anyone other than Robert Englund could ever be Freddy Kruger? And Chucky is a god of hormedy (horror with a brilliant mix of comedy). And then there is Evil Dead. Only the best horror movie ever made. Bruce Campbell is Evil Dead and yet there is a remake. They have already destroyed a couple greats like The Lost Boys and Psycho. I guess they can’t leave well enough alone.

Any way, to wrap things up. I don’t want everyone to misunderstand what I am saying. I really enjoyed almost all the movies above and beyond, but are they truly horror movies. I think not. I always have hope that someone will make there way to Hollywood to make real horror movies again. And until then, I will keep watching the “horror” movies they release year after year and enjoying them to the best of my ability, but I can’t say I don’t miss the days of the original kings of carnage like Pinhead, Freddy, Michael, and Jason. In there true form that is. By the way, Happy Halloween!

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