Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 picks right up where part 1 left up with plenty of blood and screaming. The only thing you really come to expect from Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes is blood. The remake of Halloween 2 is remake of original but is its own movie in its own right. They shy away from the original quite i a bit but i don’t think that’s what hurt this movie as much as bad story line.

    As far as the story line goes you got Laurie(Scout Taylor-Compton) living with the sheriff Brackett(Brad Dourif) and his daughter Annie(Danielle Harris). Sheriff took Laurie in after her parents where murdered by Micheal Myer’s in Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake. Laurie is constantly haunted by nightmares of Micheal Myer’s and know’s he’s dead even though they never recovered his body. Dr. Loomis(Malcolm McDowell) is out promoting his new book about Micheal Myer’s being the devil. We also got Rob Zombie’s mother running around playing the Ghost of Micheal Myer’s mother. He tells reports at book promotion that he knows Micheal Myer’s is dead and his body will turn up in circus or something one day they always do.

    This movie with all its blood and horror is just an ok horror flick in the end. Some people will say its worst ever I don’t think it is i actually enjoyed the movie but liked the original better. I think the majority of the storyline and acting was good as its always hard to do better then a original movie when doing a remake. I think the characters where well cast for this movie and the acting was great.

    I do think we could have lived without the ghost of Micheal Myer’s running around. I think the madness of Micheal Myer’s could have been explained a lot better without her in the movie so much i think it actually hurts the movie. I also think there are quite a few pointless scenes in this movie its almost like they where using it as filling in content. In the end the movie was worth a DVD rental but i’m glad i didn’t go to theater to see it as i had planned to.