Before I go into detail, let’s get one thing sorted out, the timelines!

The Fast and the Furious; Brian meets Toretto, Mia falls in love with Brian, Brian confess he is an undercover cop; Brian gives Toretto his 10 Second car, Toretto Escapes.

2 Fast 2 Furious; Brian is not a cop yet works for the cops, Brian and Roman take down Carter Verone.

Fast and Furious; Brian is reinstated as an FBI agent, Toretto, Letty, Han,Tego and Don splits once the heat is too much, Letty is murdered, Brian and Toretto go after a common enemy Braga, Toretto stops running, Toretto sentenced for 25 years or life, Brian , Mia , Tego, Don bust Toretto out

Fast 5; Toretto is busted out, Brian and Mia agree to a job with Vince,??????????????????????????

The Fast and the Furious; Tokyo Drift; Sean is introduced, Sean is sent to Japan, Sean Meets Han,  Han dies, Sean beats DK, Sean is DK, Toretto comes to race Sean.


Rob Cohen, John Singleton & Justin Lin. These are the men behind the mind blowing action/racing franchise F&F. Personally I admire Cohen and Lins work the most. Justin Lin who made the last 3 movies which Includes “Fast 5” has learnt how to impress the audience. If I may compare the last 3 movies (Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious and Fast 5) the weakest opening scene was from “Tokyo Drift”. He realizes that to capture the viewers he has to open with a jaw dropping eye opener. Which he does in both (Fast & Furious and Fast 5) and OMG it is fantastic, all I ever said was to me, “WOW”.

“Fast 5” picks up exactly where “Fast and Furious” ends. Toretto is busted out whilst he is being transferred to prison. Everyone goes their separate ways. Mia and Brian drive off to Brazil in a Nissan Skyline classic and meet up with Vince who has already established himself in a mini underworld in Brazil. Vince opens a job for Brian ,Mia and also Toretto. The plans change whilst the job is in progress and the stars fall into the black books of Brazilian businessman Reyes. Reyes who threatens Toretto and Brian with the life of Mia just woke up a sleeping giant. The greatest and the most thrilling heist ever to hit the big screen are set in motion. Soon they all find out it’s not just 2 teams going at each other, there is a 3rd team to this action flick. Hobbs (The Rock) and his team.

The stunt choreography is out of its own leagues; Justin Lin has simply out done himself and set a new standard. The thrilling scene on the heist of the cars off the train was unbelievable and combined “XXX” and “Fast 5”. The only thing missing in that frame was the soundtrack Bodies by Drowning Pool. Whilst reading an interview of Justin Lin I came across a fact that they have wrecked over 200 cars in the making of “Fast 5”. Impressive isn’t it?

This franchise has always been about cars. Although the 2nd movie was a bit disappointing, the franchise was back on track since the 2009 addition. I would like to extend what I said before and go out on an obvious limb; this franchise has always been about cars and family. Bringing back in the 5th movie is the entire cast that mattered from the entire franchise. We got the Boss Toretto, Mia, Brian, Vince, Roman, Han, Tego, Don Santos, Tej and Gisele. Seeing them all in one warehouse brainstorming to make the greatest heist ever to be brings out a deeper emotional value to the friendships they share as a family.

Yes! Dwayne and Diesel smash each other up – but I will leave that out, you readers got to watch it to find out.


“Fast 5” is by far the best in the franchise. It’s the best movie I have seen in over a year. It has a combination of everything. Humor, Action, Drama, Love and predominantly the much lacking and in demand adrenaline rush in cinema of today. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE DVD, get in line, fight the crowd, get your tickets, a large box of popcorn and enjoy  (let me say it one more time) the greatest heist so far in the history of movies. “XXX”, “Ocean’s eleven”, “Transporter”, “Takers”, “Mission Impossible” all jammed into 130 mins, that’s “FAST 5”

Imagine the next one? Fast and the Furious 6? Watch it till the credits end, it’s worth it J

Title: Fast 5

Directed by: Justin Lin

Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese, Ludacris, Sung Kang, Matt Schulze, Gal Gadot, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Elsa Pataky and Dwayne Johnson (THE ROCK)

Rated: PG 13

Rating: 9.5/10

130 Minutes