This movie stars James Mcavoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. This action packed film will take you on  a ride of your life. The drama of the movie is the twist in the story line.

 The movie starts off with James as a low life who tried to figure out who he is. His character becomes messed up wehn he flies off with Angelina Jolie in a shooting spree. He figures out who he is through brutal bloody training when Morgan’s character takes him in. There is a twist when he finds out who the real killers are. However, everyone else has a flaw in the plan.

The acting and special affects were quite maginficent. I was amazed at how they learned to curve a bullet and do some of the stunts make it look so real. James and Angelina did acting quite well. James has really grown from his role in Penelope and Becoming Jane. Never will Angelina Jolie have a Legally Blonde roll. Her physique is always going to be action packed which makes her unique acting differen from everyone else.

The blood was a little too much. James’s character being hit so many times and his face brusied. When Angelina Jolie gave mouth to mouth to the Russian it was gross for she was eating his blood. Yuck!

Overall, the movie was really good and the action great. I really liked it even though there was a lot of blood. I would love to see this movie again.  

3 thoughts on “Wanted”

  1. I enjoyed the hell out of it too. Only the bit at the beginning reminded me of the Matrix. Later it reminded me more of Equilibrium, but it didn’t remind me of these movies in a negative copycat way. Great fun.

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  2. I liked wanted but many people have told me how they felt it lacked in areas.

    I think it’s an enjoyable film with plenty of (sometimes tres unrealistic) action but that it shouldnt be taken too seriously, dont expect another amazing “the matrix”

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