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The King’s Speech (2010)

I went into the movie theater knowing that The King’s Speech was nominated for twelve Academy Awards. I knew that the movie had won four of them, including Best Picture of 2010. So walking into the movie theater on Saturday you could say that I had pretty high expectations that this was going to be an amazing movie… one that could contend with 127 Hours, The Social Network, or Inception. I had set the standard for this movie extremely high before even seeing it, and two hours later, I’m here to tell you that this movie exceeded my expectations.

     The movie tells the story of the man who soon becomes King George VI. After his father dies, and brother leaves due to an unapproved romance, George (Colin Firth) is given the crown and expected to lead a nation. He is more than qualified to be the next King, except for a stammering issue which gives hardships to the essential part of his leadership, which is, public speaking. George’s wife (Helena Bonham Carter) seeks the help of speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffery Rush) who ends up helping the King with his speech. The rest is history. (It actually is, history, this was based on actual events.)

     I think what individually impressed me the most, besides the cinematography, was the amazing acting by Geoffery Rush, Colin Firth, and Helena Bonham Carter. The way the shaped the characters into people us viewers could associate with was very immaculate. The way they delivered their lines (which were beautifully written, by the way) was so well put together it just seemed to flow like poetry.

     In the end, the beautiful script, combined with superb acting and phenomenal directing, I’d give this movie a 10/10, which is something I not only anticipated, but experienced. And there you have, the Best Picture of 2010.

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