Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro. It’s been a decade since Ghost face has turned up at her door step. 7 Movies have been made based on the events that took place with Sidney, her friends and Ghost face. Sidney within a period of 10 years has matured into an author of a self-help book. The last stop in her book tour is her hometown. Seems like she is more famous in Woodsboro than she knew she would be. Ghost Face finds her!

What I always respected in the “Scream Trilogy” is that the entire team always stuck to the basics and kept it real. What did I mean by that? There is always a psychotic killer who has a sick justifiable motive. If you’re a few screws lose and you got the motive to hate someone so bad, what would you do? Grab knife-Kill person! This is the base code of Wes Cravens new addition to the trilogy “Scream 4”. I waited 10 years for this. Finally it’s here.  Now a Quadrilogy, I always knew it will not be scary as it was when “Scream” hit the screens in 1996. I had the right amount of expectations out of this. Great Job Wes! This is as far as I can go without giving out spoilers on a silver platter to you readers.

A blameless decision to mix up the new with the old school. A very diverse cast Emma Roberts (Wild Child), Hayden Pannetier (Heroes), Erik Knudsen (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the world), Neve Campbell (Scream Trilogy), David Arquette (Scream Trilogy) and Courtney Cox (Friends / Scream Trilogy). It’s always healthier for the box office to have some already known faces in the movie. It gives a slight advantage. This being said, none of the above did give up an exceptional performance that would walk them in for an Oscar nomination. Pre dominantly due to the fact that the screenplay was written to that effect I presume. Although I did find that the killer once revealed could have been more lose in the head, Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard take away the winner for that. They were fantastic in the wrap to “Scream” in 1996. This factor did disappoint me.

The Quadrilogy has always been a Parody of it first 1996 hit. Some readers may disagree, but if one has sincerely followed the franchise over 15 years, one would agree. Craven takes a step forward and tries. If you have been a fan on the Franchise I would say spend a few bucks and watch this on the bigger screen, if you’re not, then just rent out a copy whenever it’s released. Craven fans would like the effort; others would just take a STAB at it. One things for sure “Sick is the new Sane”

Title: Scream 4

Directed by: Wes Craven

Starring: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox, Hayden Pannetier & Emma Roberts

Rated: R for strong bloody violence, language and some teen drinking

Rating: 06/10

111 minutes