Priest, a Mr. E Movie Review

Based on a Korean comic book by Min-Woo Hyung and directed by Scott Stuart Priest is an American horror film that stars English actor Paul Bettany. At last Hollywood as reinvented the vampire to be what they were meant to be and that’s evil and horrifying.

In an alternate world where humanity and vampires have been warring for centuries the veteran Warrior Priest, played by Bettany, lives in obscurity inside one of the Church’s walled cities. But, when the priest’s niece, played by Lily Collins, is kidnapped by vampires, the priest is forced to break his vows and hunt them down. Along with his blades and bible Priest is accompanied by his niece’s boyfriend, played by Cam Gigandet, who is a wasteland sheriff, and a former Warrior Priestess, played perfectly by Maggie Q.

The stunts are riddled with impressive wire-work and the spot on CGI is truly awesome. From the custom sets and bad ass weapon props to the insane custom bikes that the Priests ride everything in the film is so visually pleasing and works so well together to create such an incredible alternate reality that one can’t help but be engulfed in this other world.

In addition, after seeing the film Bettany, whose role was originally promised to Gerard Bulter, ends up clearly being the better choice in that he truly embodies this type of character perfectly, sort of like the role he played in the film Legion.

On the down side Priest has so much potential but unfortunately is a very short film clocking in at only 87 minute. Leaving one to feel like this edit might not of been the best one and that there might be a better movie here that we might not actually get to see until a directors cut is released on DVD. Plus, the 3-D aspect is sort of a waste. Don’t spend the extra money unless you really want to see it in 3-D or in some cases have to. If you can, just check it out in 2-D and you won’t be missing much.

All-in-all Priest is a good movie going experience that could’ve been a great one so its only getting 2.5 out of 5 stars.

3 thoughts on “Priest, a Mr. E Movie Review”

  1. Upon reading your review I’m shocked. I’m a follower of the priest series, and they have totally changed the theme and storey line to the whole thing. Yeah things are always changed however this was such a unique concept, why make it about vampires. what does a priest have to do with vampires. demons and devils make such more sense. the idea of it being in the old west, made it believable as religion played a huge part of things in a lot of people. Why waste an original concept to make it into mainstream gibberish?

  2. Bettany played basically the same role he played in Legion, which I loved Legion. But I left this film last night slightly let down. There wasn’t really much of what I was looking for. Much more talking than I had anticipated, and the music seemed to push the bill, with dramatic music building up to random scenes. I really felt they could have done more, especially with two good actors in Bettany and Urban.

  3. Amen brother! You’re preaching to the choir!
    (Get it? Priest + Choir…always wanted to use that cliche, he he.)

    Anyway, I am now just getting to go back and enjoy the series post film so the jury is still out for me. I just know the concept is awesome and this was really close. I can see a sequel redeeming it all especially now the groundworks been laid.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see how much it makes world wide?

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