Probably the most impressive performance of the year i have seen, the King’s Speech makes you think just one thought; it really deserved to be the movie of the year!

The Hype this movie comes with is unimaginable. You start watching the movie thinking what if it’s not that good? but wait, it is! i can’t really think of the best words to dexcribe how superb this movie was. The acting, the story, the emotion, the feeling and the direction, all of them seemed to be alligned accordingly. it was like watching it happen right before you and it was like watching history rewrite itself before you!

If you are a real movie maniac and you want to watch a movie that you are going to remember the rest of your life, then this is probably the movie for you. the acting of the lead actor is so awesome it makes you cry and makes you laugh and makes you feel angry and makes you wonder how beautiful a movie can get to be!

waiting all year for a movie to inspire and finally getting that from The King’s Speech, i tell you, is a total bliss!!!!!