if it weren’t for Jhonny Depp, may be i wouldn’t even be writing a review for the tourist. I had such high hopes when i downloaded this movie and all of them seemed to vanish even before the movie reached its half time.

The Tourist seems to be just another action thriller. Watching the movie, you can;t really tell whether it’s an action thriller or a comedy thriller! The acting was pretty good thanks to Jhonny Depp who seems to have saved teh movie from a total failure. Maybe, Angelina Jolie should think about quiting acting now. Time seems to have got the best of her now.

There was this sense of humor to the plot and the movie as a whole. The movie doesn’t nake you think hard and try to guess what’s coming next, but rather, it makes you smile on occassions and makes you wonder “what the hell?!” you just wasted almost 2 hours of your life!

overall, the movie wsa just average. it wasn’t really the kind of surprise you’d come to expect from the stars of the movie. The Tourist seems to have the utmost truth as per ot’s title; like a Tourist, it’s going to come to your attention and just like that, it’ll b eout of your head before you now it!