Director Jonathan Liebesman and writer Christopher Bertolini created a film, ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ that could have been brilliant, but instead opted to make a typical war flick with a weak storyline, no character development, and no heart. ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ centers around a Marines Staff Sargent Michael Nantz, Aaron Eckhart, who decides to retire after having four of his troops die in a mission. While his retirement is processing, aliens invade the city of Los Angeles and the marines force Staff Sgt. Nantz into battle with a Lieutenant and platoon of men. Can Staff Sgt. Nantz fight in combat against alien intruders and prevail or will he lose an epic fight in battle?

‘Battle: Los Angeles’ was a major disappointment for me. The film just lacked so many qualities. The dialogue was so bad, it was laughable. The acting was even worse. There were a bunch of characters introduced and none of them really progressed in the story. The only character that anyone could really care for is Aaron Eckhart’s and even his character I didn’t care for. There was no heart in this film, I didn’t care if anyone lived or died I just couldn’t wait for it to end. It was one of those movies that everytime the characters felt as if they were accomplishing tasks, another major obstacle comes in their way that’s ten times harder and more unrealistic. I hate films like that. You have to sit there and say, ‘Now, how are they going to get out of this one??’ over and over and over until finally the credits role and you’re miserable over the amount of time and money you wasted and how high your hopes were for a film that didn’t even come close to meeting your expectations at all.

There was a ton of action right from the start, which was good. I enjoyed the fact that it didn’t take hours to get to the action, especially since the plot was so weak. I also enjoyed the fact that the film was based in California. Everytime I see war films, it’s usually in other countries or in deserts, but I liked that the characters were hiding out in backyards and houses in the suburbs and at a police station. I really loved that.

I would only recommend this film to anyone who wants to see a lot of action. I saw this film with a few people, and if you plan on catching this flick I’d definitely recommend watching it with people that you can laugh with.

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