There are countless crime thrillers that it has to be a very special film that delivers something very different to make a dent in the genre. Takers is young, hip and trendy and yet instantly forgettable.

A gang of young bank robbers, led by Brit Gordon Cozier, have just pulled off an elaborate bank robbery and it is the usual practice for the gang to have a long break between crimes. Yet Ghost, a member of the group that everyone is slightly suspicious about, persuades them to take on another job, that of a armoured car robbery. What the gang don’t realise is that a cop is on their case and Ghost has his connections with a Russian underground crime team. Is there really any honour among thieves?

John Luessenhop directs with action on his mind and it zips through its 107 minutes, as we get plenty of set pieces and very little long scenes of dialogue. It is obvious that Luessenhop wants to make a very stylish thriller, using digital video but there are far too many influences here that stops it from really standing out in the crowd.

The cast are fine. Luther and The Wire star Idris Elba leads the gang with Star Wars star Hayden Christensen and Fast and Furious’s Paul Walker standing along side music stars Chris Brown and T.I. with Matt Dillon as the┬ápersistent┬ácop. All very in style, the gang dressed in the finest suits and looking sharp. They aren’t stretched acting wise and look just right together.

The influences, Michael Mann’s Heat and anything by Quentin Tarantino are there for the counting, from the actual armoured truck robbery with machine gun shoot-out, to the hotel scene al la True Romance to the Mexican stand-off at the end of the movie (see Reservoir Dogs). It’s perfectly fine to dop your hat to these crime classics but try something original and maybe you will stand out.

It’s not a bad film. It looks good and the pace is breakneck but it just feels like we’ve been here time and time again and so once you’ve watched it, you tend to forget what you’ve just seen.

Fine but hardly memorable.