“Machete” (2010)

The film Machete based off the 3min fake Trailer played with Grindhouse back in 2007. And needless to say it should have stayed a 3min trailer. I found this film to be completely unnecessary. But i found the gratuitous Nudity and Bloody stabbings and decapitations to be a bit much after about the 300th person. The movie had potential. But with its extensive running time which felt like it took forever to get over. Was also boring i was eying the exit sign about halfway through the movie. Machete has a good run. But it can’t live up to its faux trailerfrom the much better “Grindhouse”. The movie boasts and all star cast , including the very likable lead 66 year old “Danny Trejo” the very macho “Steven Segal” who playes the lead bad-guy Torrez. Then this may come as a surprise you have supporting work from Lindsey Lohan (who has a very brief nudity scene in the film). Then also another Robert De Niro who plays a Texas State Senator who despises Immigrants and wants to pass an extremely harsh law against immigrants. 

The film starts off back in the old days when Machete (Trejo) was a federale. For the Spanish Government , he is determined to bring down Torrez (Segal) and his drug operation/cartel. But is tricked and decived by the woman he is trying to help and then is captured and is forced to watch the slaughter of his family and then is left for dead. But he survives and 3 years later is a day labor who is just trying to get buy. But one day is approached by Micheal Booth (Jeff Fahey) with a job proposition he can’t refuse shoot the senator “John McLaughlin” but the whole scheme was set – up and was double crossed , the act was only a ploy to boost the senates numbers in the voting poll. Now Machete must get help from a taco stand owner Luz (Michelle Rodriquez) who is part of a network that has enough fire – power to bring down McLaughlin’s entire operation once and for all. 

The films prominent stars such as Trejo. Who is as old as my Grandpa and is playing the lead role. The films tenderness to exploit blood and be-headings was a little much , and i thought i had seen it all after Piranha. But i felt the movie was just a little much to handle you have to know what you are getting yourself into before going into this movie. Machete also has some good laughs also , from Cheech Martin who is always funny and great , he plays Machete’s Padre in this film. Then you got a very cheesy and corny bad-guy which he does not deviate from the book at all Steven Segal which i believe this is his first wide – screen release in i do not know how long. But nonetheless. Robert Rodriquez has the right chops and is fairly good at what he does which is bringing us good and original pieces of work tho Machete is original its just boring sitting there watching heads get shot and stabbed and then after you a while its just you seem to get tired with it , then you start to yawn at the fact there are not even done yet!.

Overall Rodriquez’s Machete does not live up to its faux trailer which if it had a good sense it would have stayed that way. Hardcore fans of the trailer and the feel and look of it. Will Rush out and pay there money and see this movie. And chances are if your craving an all out splattering blood-bath there going to be extremely satisfied. But yes i was craving a splattering blood – bath. But that was different i was not craving the whole movie to be like , that i liked the expendables bloodbath tone it had blood bath , but it did not over access and milk it out. Which is where “Machete” gets most of its running time from which is just plan out killing and murdering. The cast is great and is very likable but this bone crunching material is just like i keep saying is MUCH!. The movie has moments where i found humorous. and funny but then it was just like can we please get on with the movie. Machete ends the summer on a bad note.





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