If you liked watching  3D animations like Ice Age,  Bugs Life, Toys Story and Wally E, then you’re in no doubt going to love Bolt, a 2008 animation comedy movie directed by Byron Howard and Chris William,  written by Dan Fogelman about a Hollywood movie star K-9 named Bolt, voiced  by  John Travolta. Bolt believes that everything he does on the set is real. He cannot distinguish between reality and fiction. He has a very close relationship with Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus) both on and off the set, but to Bolt; it’s all real to him. He has a distinctive black lightning strike on his left side. I think it’s a cool move by the producers to give him that, I think it goes hand in hand with his name; Bolt Lightning.Bolt is accidentally sent half way across the country, far away from his person, Penny, who he believes is held captive by the green eyed man, a villain from the television story that he stars in. And now he has to find his way back. But he knows it’s going to be a smooth ride for him because he has special powers, including his super stare and super bark, or at least that’s what he thinks. In order to get back to Los Vegas, he has to get help from a street smart cat; Mittens (voiced by Sussie Essman). The two become enemies, kinda like dogs and cats really fight in reality. Along the movie, Mittens explain why dogs and cats don’t get along, but against the odds, the two get along just fine, but not without incidence, as you can imagine. Mittens find an opportunity to tell and prove to Bolt that he has  no special powers and that the television program is not real and also that penny is not real, she’s a make believe, and takes liberty of  teaching him  how to be a dog, and the skill of begging. They are helped along the road by a hamster called Rhino (voiced by Mark Walton). Rhino is the ultimate television freak and he knows every interesting channel and story on TV. As you might guess, he recognizes Bolt by his voice outside while mittens tries to convince him that he is not a super dog that he believes to be it.Rhino, on the other hand don’t care if Bolt is real or not, he just enjoys being with his hero and fighting alongside him. He’s the kind of person (or animal) who keeps the team together when the going gets tough.The movie is great, real fumy and very interesting to watch. But I think the story line is the same as the one from Toy story1, where the toy character of Buzz light year actually believes he is the real Buzz, and not the toy model, and all the other guys and later the circumstances prove to him that he is not the real Buzz of star command, but instead the toy model of buzz. Bolt also follows the same story line. What I found interesting about the movie, however, has to do with the communication barrier between the animal kingdom and the humans. I think the producers did a great job by allowing this communication not to take place, it makes the viewer to relate to the whole movie.I think what makes a great movie is when you can relate to that, and most people who love a man’s best friend will surely love this one. I implore you to go watch it, you won’t regret it