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Jpdonga | Movie and Film Reviews (MFR)

Author: Jpdonga

Titanic 2

TITANIC 2   This is one of the most horroble movies ever made and which I’ve ever seen. It’s a disgrace to both the name “TITANIC”, the 1997 Movie “TITANIC” and to real life events of the 1912 RMS Titanic. The only consolation...

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  If you liked watching  3D animations like Ice Age,  Bugs Life, Toys Story and Wally E, then you’re in no doubt going to love Bolt, a 2008 animation comedy movie directed by Byron Howard and Chris William,  written by Dan...

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Awake is a 2007 romantic drama directed by Joby Harold and starred by Hayden Christensen, the beautiful Jessica Alba, Terrance Howard, and Lena Olin. The movie follows the life of Clayton Beresford jnr (Hayden Christensen) a...

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