Hey all! It’s my first review, i’m learning and obviously so are you (cause i’m reviewing a freaking movie) so lets get going!

Most people I know and most reviews I have read have given Due Date Starring Zac Galifianakis and Robert Downie Jr. the thumbs down. I mean everyone is subjected to their own opinions but… Come On! This quirky duo are an unusual pair in a movie, let alone a comedy. To be honest I was not too high on this film when watching the trailers, most bad films only show the most funny scenes in their trailers, however i found that Due Date displayed its least funny scenes! The heavy sleeper scene with Zac and Robert falling down the overpass I found was not as entertaining as the film should be displayed.

Now lets get into more of the meat of the movie, the storyline of the film is extremely basic and I can see why some critics can decifer how bad the movie is based on the storyline. A storyline of two people driving to los angeles for the birth of one of their first child. You aren’t allowed time to develop feeling for Ethan (Zac’s Character) or Peter (Roberts Character). But isn’t that not the point of a comedy?? What I am lead to believe is that comedy’s are made to make people laugh! If it makes you laugh and smile it is doing its job, thats what it’s made for. If you go into a comedy expecting drama then expect to be dissapointed (unless you go see Funny People).

Due Date is filled with many catchphrases and clever writing, for example “Have you ever seen the movie Forrest Gump? He ran across the U.S. and he was pretty stupid. I have faith in you.”. If someone did not laugh at that line I am sorry but i’ve lost all faith in comedy. That line is just one of many written within the movie. Spinning the word handiccaped into “Handicapable” was a hoot. I would have liked Jamie Fox to have a more significant role, even his miniscule role in the film was not well explained. I felt that they rushed his part/role, the producers did not know whether to have him as a antagonist or another person helping out our two Protagonists. I am proud to say that i have watched that film, it made me laugh and i loved how the actors played their characters. All in all it was a great laugh, I definatly recommend it.