Where’s the best place to go into hiding from the government? Is it a foreign country, a fox hole, your aunt Tootsie’s basement? No, for Erik (Eric Bana) and his daughter Hanna (Saoirse Ronan), it is the forest, but why are they hiding? This film starts off with Hanna hunting for food and Erik putting her in another training scenario.  She has been training from a very young age to defend for herself when she decides to leave the forest and go after CIA agent Marissa. After years of intensive training, Hanna sets out on an assassin mission across Europe. Will she get past the protected walls of the CIA to get to Marissa? Why do Erik and Hanna want Marissa’s head? Was the training enough or will Hanna meet her demise?



Well, I have mixed reviews on this film. First I will start with the positive.  I enjoyed with scenic views of Europe, its people and their culture. The natives singing, dancing, and showing the love for being who they are was two thumbs up for me. I liked before Hanna had to fulfill her deadly mission, she got a chance to experience life as a teenager, with admiration for boys, listening to music and having a best friend to talk to. Saoirse is such a beautiful girl and a great actress; I hope to see her in more movies.  Now, for the negative; where are all of the advertised killer-assassin combat moves? The few times Hanna did fight, it was barely viewable because of the camera tricks of shooting from behind and adding speed effects. Also her hair-though beautiful-was always in the way flying everywhere, which was also distracting and some of the moves looked like she was shoving to henchmen instead of punching them. I hated the Microsoft PowerPoint style camera scenes of fading in and spiraling around the character; that was again distracting and annoying. The whole reason of why Hanna is the way she is, to me, had missing links to the story because the explanations were weak and didn’t seem completely thought out. Eric had a pretty good fight scene in the movie but it was cut short and the other fight was just lame. Last but not least, what’s up with all of the running? Didn’t Hanna train all her life for obstacles and danger? Why is she running for majority of the movie?  She reminds me of another Lola from “Run, Lola, Run.” Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Mortez) from “Kick-Ass” was also trained the majority of her life by her father and I didn’t see her running away from her foes no she faces them all head-on, and she totally rocked hard. Anyway, I guess I could watch this film again, it’s not a bad movie it’s just not what I expected for the trailers.