What would you do if your wonderful life is suddenly ruined in less than a minute? Would break the law to get it back? These, among others, were the questions John Brennnan (Russell Crowe) asks himself. Going through their everyday normal routine of eating breakfast together and while capturing special moments on camera, comes up short with a bust through the front door. Within the blink of an eye, Detective Quinn (Jason Beghe) and Detective Collero (Aisha Hinds), break into their house to arrest his wife, Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks) for the murder of her boss. Three years go by of her twenty year sentence and John can’t get a court appeal to prove his wife’s innocence. An incident happens to his wife in prison, along with some breaking news, that prompts John to devise a plan to break her out of jail. He starts off investigating the outside jail’s visitor routine then seeks assistance from the bad area in town for some illegal documents. John has to go through hurdles to succeed at the impossible. The day has come for the break out; will he be able to do it? Will he get caught and go to jail leaving their son an orphan?  

Review:            Well, I thought the film was nice; it has a lot of suspense that fills your head with questions throughout the movie. I liked the concept and storyboard because it has the same Adeline rush as anyone else if put in that situation. I did fall asleep a couple times while watching it, so I constantly had to rewind. It wasn’t because I think it is boring-which I don’t-it’s just that the movie took too long with the planning of the escape. The real action doesn’t start until towards the end of the film. One of my favorite lines in the movie was when John, a Community College teacher, said to his class, “A rational thought can destroy a person’s soul.” I thought this one line goes perfect for the movie and a great line to ponder for everyday’s obstacles. I hated some of the acts Laura was doing as an attempt to give up the fight. I understand being overwhelmed but when your husband is literally risking his neck to have you in his and their son’s life, you don’t act foolish and have the escape fail all for nothing. All in all, I would watch this film again with a cup of coffee to stay awake.