Driver (Dwayne Johnson) spends ten years in jail for a bank robbery and is finally let out. Normally ex-cons want to start a new life on the right path, but not Driver, he is on a revengeful mission. His brother and friends were killed after the robbery and Driver is out to kill all those responsible. Detective Cicero (Carla Gugino) and Cop (Billy Bob Thorton) are out to find Driver before he continues his killing spree. On the other side of town, Killer (Oliver Jackson Cohen), a multi-millionaire assassin, is hired to kill Driver and end his vengeful conquest. Who will stop Driver? Will Driver fulfill his mission with a high body count? Will he go back to jail?                                                                                   

Review:So a couple things: first I liked that the action starts right off the back with the first shooting. It looked like Driver was daydreaming because it was so public and he didn’t care who sees him. Second, Driver huffs a lot in this film. I mean, he doesn’t have a lot dialogue just angry looks, livid walks and constant bull huffs. I guess if he had more dialogue it would make the movie look too cheesy. The scenery locations were descent along with the cars. When Driver was shooting up the town, where were the cops, S.W.A.T or any other law enforcements? I understand this is a movie but when movies have real-life scenarios it makes for a better viewing. There is no way that could happen so openly in everyday life. Anyway, all in all, I could watch this film again.   

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