Robin Hood

the story of robin hood is that of a thief who steels from the rich and gives to the poor.right? well not according to this movie, the story of robin hood is the story of revolution between england and France. weird right? if you are expecting a movie with decent action than you might like this movie, because the action was indeed decent, but the story was questionable at best, and I do not know about you but i went into watching that movie believing it would be robin hood, which most of the time  it was not. there was some of the story of robin hood, for about 10 minutes.story 2 out of 10 acting 7 out of 10 action sequences 7 out of 10 script 6 out of 10 cinematography 9 0ut of 10overall 7.7 out of 10it was just an average movie, if you like average action/drama movies than watch it.

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