The Mechanic (93 min)

Jason Statham makes any decent action movie worth watching. He has a little help this time by Ben Foster who seems to hold more interest than Statham in this action-packed thrill ride of a movie. Statham is a hit man, a man who is hired to kill people. After the death of his father, Foster’s character is taken in by Statham’s since he was good friends with his father. As you could expect from the tough exterior of Foster’s character, you can expect to be trained in as a hit man. Eventually this holds true and Statham trains the already reckless character to be even more reckless by killing people. Statham trains him in a way, though, that is meant to avoid the recklessness of his ways. But once reckless, always reckless and the two clash because of it.   Typical action movie? Yes, but it is a pretty good typical action movie. “The Mechanic” is rated R for strong brutal violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity