Moulin rouge

What do you get when you combine a dying cabaret star, Ewan McGregor, an Unconscious Argentinean, modern songs and a musical? Why, the Moulin Rogue of course.

The story itself is centered around Christian (Ewan McGregor) and his long search for love. Somehow ending up directing a musical, the moment his mouth opens and he starts to sing, girls heart will melt.

They end up at the Moulin Rogue, a popular down-town cabaret place, full of dancing and music in search for Satine, who is played by the ever so elegant, Nicole Kidman. She is the center of the Moulin Rogue, and everyone seems to worship her. Mistaking him for the crude, yet rich Duke, Satine lures Christian into her bedroom. He attempts to recite her poetry, whilst in an effort to seduce him, she shrieks and carries on like a maniac.  By far the most memorable bit in the whole movie for me, was when Christian gave his own version of ‘Your song’ A classic, by Elton John. The chemistry between these two actors in undeniable as they are whisked away into their own fairytale land, before she discovers that he isn’t the Duke. The romance between the two forbidden lovers was what a lot of the movie consisted to.

For the first time watching this years ago, I was not captured at all by this movie, but deciding to watch it again recently I really enjoyed it. It is somewhat out of most people’s comfort zones, and different to most romantic movies.
Although it was an attempt at humor, Harold singing ‘Like a virgin’ seemed a completely irrelevant and pointless bit to the film, and I was unable to comprehend why they didn’t cut it out.

Well choreographed, interesting and unique.
It’s the kind of movie that you either love or hate.
An enriching story of love conquering all.

2 thoughts on “Moulin rouge”

  1. Well what can I say about this film, it is a rather unusual film to watch as I was unsure of exactly what was going on, one minute they were talking and then the next they would break out into song which was totally irrelevant to what was happening. The singing was average and the acting wasn’t very inspiring. The ending wssn’t amazing but I did enjoy the scenery and the outfits that the actors were wearing, some being very attractive but that is about the only thing that I enjoyed within the entire film.

  2. If I were someone looking for a mere synopsis of the Moulin Rouge, the post above would be most helpful. As I am not, however, it proved to be a critique in need of its own critique. “You either hate or love” quite a number of films. What does that phrase serve to tell us about Moulin Rouge that is different from all the others spoken of the same way? Cliches in movie reviews are welcome only when they are paired with another statement of substance. I did expect to read comments on the color and the set of the whole movie. What I didn’t expect is to find the review wanting of such. We have the same opinion about the Like A Virgin sequence.

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