The top eleven movies of the year, in my humble opinion of course. I know most people have top ten lists but I figured I would do something different and go for a top eleven list. This was yet another great year at the movies and I would like to thank all of you for the constant support and opinions.

Before I get to the list let me just clarify that these are the best movies that I have seen this year, I have tried my absolute best to see as many as I can. I will first give some honourable mentions, that were close but I had to cut them for one reason or another.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Part 1
I have always been a Harry Potter fan and this film was one of the better ones in the series. The reason as to why it did not make the list was because it really felt like a pilot episode, since it is part one. The film did not have a climax or payoff which left me feeling empty. I am well aware that this is no one’s fault because it is a prelude but I just cannot bring myself to love a movie if there is no payoff.

Let Me In
I did like this remake as a whole but it did not make the list because I have always been harder on remakes because they are already taking someone else’s work. Let Me In did change some elements of the vampire love story but its bad special effects are the reason it came up short.

The Fighter
I know some critics are comparing this boxing film to Rocky and in my opinion I do not put it on that level but I really did enjoy this film. This movie will get Oscar nominations for Christian Bale and Amy Adams, Bale’s is long overdue. The biggest weakness to the movie is Mark Wahlberg, I just want to clarify that he is not a bad actor. However, he is the weakest part of this film by far and every time he is on screen with either Adams or Bale it is obvious that he is not up to par with their abilities. Overall a great film but I did not quite love it enough to put it on my list.

Now we have got the honourable mentions out of the way, time to proceed to the list below, read if you dare ladies and gentlemen.

11) Hot Tub Time Machine
 This one might come as a surprise to some people but to me this was the funniest film of 2010 and without a doubt one of the biggest surprises. Even though the movie does rely on crass humour that does not stop it from being both entertaining a breath of fresh air in the comedy department, Rob Corddry steals the show in this film and this movie delivered on the goods.

10) How To Train Your Dragon
Pixar is not the only studio that delivers when it comes to animated movies, DreamWorks hit a homerun with this film. Lead by a likeable cast and playful humour, How To Train Your Dragon represents what a trip to the movies should be, to be both fun and entertaining without going over the top.

9) Toy Story 3
Even though DreamWorks came up big Pixar still owns the animated movie category. Toy Story 3 represents the end of the series and it goes down in style with this heart-warming tale of Andy having to move on and learn to pass his toys on. The last scene of this film is bound to move both adults and children alike.

8) Splice
Without question the most overlooked and underrated film of 2010, Splice is an ambitious and successful blend of science fiction, drama, and horror. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley have an undeniable chemistry that carries the film from start to finish. A fence sitter film which you will either love or hate, I happen to love Splice.

7) Kick Ass
A comic book movie that works on all levels, complete with the revival of Nicholas Cage and star making performances by Chloe Grace Moretz and Aaron Johnson. Kick Ass is a bloody, violent film that never overplays its hand and keeps you entertained from start to finish.  

6) The Town
Leave it up to Ben Affleck to direct and co-star in this riveting crime drama. The Town is a well made and well balanced film, complete with great chase and shootout sequences and an Oscar level performance by Jeremy Renner. Affleck now has established himself as a fierce and talented director.

5) The Social Network
When you combine an Oscar level script with Oscar level directing and Oscar level performances you have a successful movie. This film has all three and it is a fascinating look into the creation of Face book. Director David Fincher really has a natural style of being to capture the highs and the lows of the grass roots of Face book. Jesse Eisenberg really does shine in his role as Mark Zuckerberg and even if you are not interested in seeing a movie about Face book you will be unable to look away from this great picture.

4) Winter’s Bone
Despite this film winning for best drama at The Sundance Film Festival this year not a lot of people have seen it. I encourage anyone who enjoys an intense mystery movie to seek this film out. This dark mystery of a young woman having to find her father really is intense from start to finish and even hardcore movie buffs will be unable to call the ending. People will be hearing the name Jennifer Lawrence more and more over the next few years after her performance in this movie.

3) Blue Valentine
Even though it could be argued that this film overall is just too depressing for most people to stand, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams loose themselves in their roles as a struggling couple who grow further apart. Other than the performances newcomer director Derek Cianfrance knows how to hold the audience’s attention throughout many intense scenes. Blue Valentine may be depressing but its slick direction and gut wrenching performances make it irresistible.

2) Inception
This movie just adds to Christopher Nolan’s impressive resume as a filmmaker. Despite many people arguing that the film is too convoluted in places its creativity and originality are hard to ignore. Anytime you make a movie about dreams it can go good or horribly wrong. Nolan nails it with this movie and for the first time in a long time it successfully has both special effects and fine performances. Nolan you have done it again.

1) Black Swan
The race to number one was close but in the end Black Swan was victorious because of the way it impacted me emotionally. After this movie was over I actually did not leave the theatre for almost ten minutes and this was because this film was such an emotional roller coaster that I had to gather myself. Natalie Portman will win an Oscar for this, I was not going to flat out say it but the more I think about it the more I am convinced she will. Not only did she train her butt off to be able to perform the ballet dances, her drive to be the best, to be perfect is amazing. This film was the Natalie Portman show and I bought a ticket and enjoyed the ride from start to finish with not a dull moment.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen my list of the best films of 2010, let’s hope 2011 brings us more great films, happy New Year everybody!