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One Missed Call (2008)

Movie In Review: One Missed Call ( 2008 )coverDuring this movie,  it’s okay if you leave your cellphone ON ! Trust me , it’ll be that much more exciting to watch for you and for everyone else around you…. heheh.But seriously now,  Two words … Creepy Creepy .I went to go see this movie when I had pre-viewed the Japanese version first , so I knew already what the plot was about. You see, One Missed Call is a remake of a Japanese movie made back in 2004. I’m always a fan of the Japanese Movies , they tend to be very creepy.One Missed Call , directed by Eric Valette does a good job at remaking this movie and adding the missing elements that the first didn’t have.It starts out with a fire that burns through a Hospital and a little girl being rescued, setting the mood to what could be your biggest clue. Later on we get to meet the main character , “Beth Raymond” played by Shannyn Sossamon. She’s throwing a party at her house, so in essence we get to meet all her friends, including her friend, “Leann Cole” portrayed by Azura Skye, who has just gotten back from a funeral. Leann gets a phone call with a creepy little ring tone that doesn’t appear to belong to her phone, so she lets it ring , but she notices that the call is actually coming from her own phone… Ooh and it begins….So she checks her voice mail and its actually her own voice saying something and then screaming. The missed call tells the time of 2 days from then and a certain hour.Then while in school she starts getting these strange hallucinations… or are they ? Very “creepy creepy” ones.I’m not going to tell you what happens , but throughout the movie there’s some kind of curse going around and if you die, the phone chooses another name on your phone list to target the next and so on.It is very entertaining to watch ,keeping you wanting to know what’s going to happen next , just like in this review you probably want to know what happened to Leann.We also get to meet another main character in the movie, a detective, ” Jack Andrews” played by Edward Burns. He is somehow tied to the other deaths and soon meets our main girl ,” Beth “. They both go on a quest to try to figure out how to stop what is going on. Soon… “Beth” is the one that gets “the call” , so now she digs even further into this investigation because she  doesn’t want to die , I don’t blame her. She even gets fed up with one of the kids from the movie. This kid is actually the little girl that was first shown in the fire of the Hospital in the first scene, but she doesn’t have much to say or isn’t very much help to them. “Beth” is somehow led to that  Hospital were that little girl was in , so she goes there and creepy and weird little things happen there. Very Spooky and super entertaining to watch what happens in there… what will she find next ? you keep asking yourself hoping that more strange apparitions appear.The End and my Advice ….While in the hospital , “Beth” is encountered by the evil spirit and soon its all over… or is it ? No of-course not , I wouldn’t tell you the ending. The detective finds out even more information and still he doesn’t know whats going to happen next. No-one knows which is exactly why you should watch this movie if you like mystery and suspense , with a little creepiness thrown into it. This movie has its good ” aah ” and ” jump outta your seat ” moments … even some comedy for the audience since some of the scenes are too funny to be scary , but still keeping you at the edge of your seat trying to figure out what will happen next. Even If you want to go to the bathroom during this movie … you won’t go anywhere because you’re not going to want to miss the “creepy” things that appear throughout the movie. Very cool Effects I might add ,so much that I would have wanted to see more of it, even though they put the right amount of effects when it was needed and more. But trust me , you’ll want to keep watching this movie , even after it’s over.Oh and ….. isn’t that your phone ringing that i heard ?   You better go get that … before it becomes …. One Missed Call. :-)Lucy_Love- Movie CriticThe alphabetic synthesis passes the constituent behind the assuming ace.

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  1. I thought this movie was horrible! I wouldn’t reccommend it to my dog, unless I wanted to put him to sleep. It was predictable and annoyingly full of itself. The only good thing with this movie will be when it comes out on DVD. Then I can watch it with people that haven’t seen it and scare them by calling their cell phones after it is all over.

  2. Please clear this up, who is lucy love movie critic? To be critic, one must KNOW about something, this person goes on and on about what? HER opinion!! An opinion is not a critique. She sounds like your common dogsitter to me

  3. Hello everyone !

    Wow… sounds like everyone is trying to find out who I am… you might find me … mayb. Keep Looking. :-)

    ’till then c-ya .

    Love,Lucy :-)

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