The Invasion

“The Invasion”, a remake of the 1956 film “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”, stars Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Jeffery Wright, and Jackson Bond. Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall, The Experiment), this is a needless, but somehow worthy remake.

The film first starts off with Carol Bennell (Nichole Kidman) and her son Oliver (Jackson Bond) trapped in a pharmacy getting all the pills that help you stay awake. The reason for this is because if she ends up dozing off, then she will become “one of them”. Carol Bennell starts to notice something very strange about the many people around her. This all occurred during the strange crash landing of a space shuttle, unaware that the shuttle contains organisms that attach to your body and turn you into something your not.

I ended up being one of the handful of people who thought that this was worth discovering. The whole film had an eerie feeling to it that didn’t seem to wear off. This doesn’t live up to the 1956 or the 1978 versions, but it’s surprisingly cohesive. This is a crucial aspect for such a remake. The special effects are nourishing to look at, giving it the film an alien characteristic that was desperately needed. A surprisingly stylish and effectively creepy Sci/Fi Thriller.

The film is slow sometimes and would have worked better with some more briskly pace moments pertaining to the alien attacks. This is where the films quirks came into play. Where there are moments that are shot very well, others seem to drag on and probably should’ve ended up on the cutting room floor. I blame this on poor editing. Not to mention the ending didn’t really win me over.

This is one of the better unnecessary remakes that have been made recently. This actually is creepy at times, which is a minor success. Nicole Kidman gives a convincing performance and the atmosphere lured me in from the beginning. It may not be great, but it is quality Sci/Fi entertainment. It has just enough shuddersome moments to earn a recommendation. Just don’t expect to be blown away.

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  1. I thought this movie was pretty bad. The “intense” moments seemed so obvious, and I wasn’t surprised by any of them. I thought the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers was the best, but it didn’t try as hard as I felt this movie did.

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