Zombieland, 2009

A surprisingly good film, Zombieland.

When I saw the trailer for this film, I really did not expect much from it at all. It looked like a plain bad film that tried to take a new perspective on the Zombie genre. Well, it was partly right, it really did bring something fresh to the genre.

Set after the apocalypse, it follows a young nerdy boys rule regulated journey through the wasteland. Using his trusty rule book (a fun new addtion to these films) he manages to keep just out of arms reach of the worlds hungriest people. Subtle humour and a fun voice over start the film off well with a surprisingly refreshing opinion on zombies. Add in the genius of Woody Harrelson as a Texan rebel, this film is comedic gold. His perfect suit to the role is wonderful alongside Jesse Eisenberg’s twitchy and geeky teenager, with inevitable confrontations¬†leading to¬†increasingly funny outcomes.

Another relatively new addition to the film world is Emma Stone who, although is nothing remarkable, is well woven into the story. A surprising entrance into the film with Abigail Breslin, she can be forgiven for her so-so acting with her tough girl attitude and kick ass gun slinging. And as always, if you’ve read my earlier reviews, I love that I cared about the characters. Even though they are the most unlikely group of people to be together in the zombie apocalypse, I became attached to them and wondered whether any would be bumped off for a bit of emotion.

An unusual and I’m not entirely sure necessary cameo in the film does keep it going but perhaps they were just going for a bit of fun while filming. But altogether this was a surprisingly fun film to watch that I have watched over and over again, still laughing. If you want a new take on zombie films then this is for you, or just if you liked Shaun of the Dead.

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