Seth Rogan stars as a rich slob named Britt Reid in Michel Gondry’s latest film. Britt’s father is found dead after an allergic reaction to a bee sting, leaving Britt in charge of his media empire. Britt meets one of his father’s former employees named Kato (Jay Chou) who specializes in fixing cars and the coffee Britt loves so much; he shows Britt what he also did while working for his father like making weapons and modifications to cars that look slightly illegal. This gives Britt the idea of doing something crazy, like dressing up in masks and vandalizing statues which left me dying to yell “Simpsons did it!”, but this of course leads to them saving some people from a group of muggers. Saving is a strong word, distracting is more like it, and they then decide to take it a step further and create a persona called The Green Hornet and his nameless sidekick while also using the newspaper Reid owns to spread his legend. Not wanting to be like the stereotypical hero they decide to pose as the villains to get closer to the bad guys.

Right away I would like to say that this film has no right to be labeled as a super-hero film but it does make an entertaining comedy. Rogan and Chou seem to have chemistry but more as business associates and not friends. Then there was Christoph Waltz who plays the evil crime lord Chudofsky, who for almost the whole film was the only serious thing in it until they turned him into a guy who was more worried about being “hip” than evil. Cameron Diaz can be given the award for most useless character in a film as she serves no other purpose besides saying something smart so Rogan can say something stupid and she also seems to be the love interest for Kato but out of nowhere that just stops happening, so she remains just so Seth Rogan can make the audience feel awkward a couple more times. Just about every character in the film is unlikable, honestly the best character of the film may have been the five minute surprise cameo by James Franco at the very beginning as a young guy challenging Chudofsky for control of crime in the city.

There are lots of funny parts in the film, and the action sequences, except for being too long, are visually awesome, but the film suffers more from how bad of a hero Rogan’s portrayal of The Green Hornet was, You can say it was the writer’s fault and not the actor’s but Rogan was a writer for the film too and you can tell. The Green Hornet is a better criminal than he is a hero asĀ  he runs away from danger, injures and possibly kills hundreds of cop, and lets his sidekick do all the work while he lays on the ground screaming for help, actually the only fight where he is determined to win was the one he has with Kato, he’s not a hero, and no I’m not quoting The Dark Knight, he really isn’t.

After all that I still found myself entertained, the action sequences were fun and several scenes were actually hilarious (the scene with Kato and the Hornet singing “Gangsta’s Paradise” made me chuckle, I couldn’t help myself). I think the film was worth watching, it just wasn’t very memorable and what bothered me the most about it was seeing that Michel Gondry directed it. Gondry directed “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Be Kind Rewind”, what the hell is he doing directing this for? Either way it’s worth watching unless you don’t like Seth Rogan films then stay far away from it.