With subject matter that included the likes of insane stunts, painful pranks and disgusting results, I don’t think anyone ever thought that Jackass would progress into an all out franchise. But after considering how much people love to see the misfortunes of other people, especially when it usually winds up with them in some kind of severe pain, are you really surprised? With the success of the Mtv-born show created way back in 2000, Jackass has since spawned two movies and even a couple of spin-offs; Wildboyz & Viva la Bam. Now the entire original cast has returned to utilize the growing technology that 3D has to offer.

Jackass 3D is typically more of the same…but this time with three-dimensional special effects. Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Wee-man, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Steve-O and the rest of the gang are once again voluntarily hurting themselves for our viewing pleasure. Being continuously rammed by a goat, staging a bar fight and arrest provided exclusively by little people, peeing into the jet stream of a plane, and the hysterical huge hand “high-five” stunt seen in the trailer are just the beginning. Of course the gang pushes the rated-R cushion to the limit not caring about what they reveal to the audience or what they do to each other.

Some scenes might have you running for the bathroom or at least covering your eyes. Bodily functions and fluids are relieved at all different times throughout the film. Some so bad, even one of the main cameramen found himself struggling not to blow chunks. Painful demonstrations of the legendary “nut-shots” (guys randomly hitting each other in the balls) are taken to another level, as usual. You might seriously cringe a little after some of what they do.

Although you still might be wondering why these long-time friends choose to make a living doing these things, the answer is simple. People love it and it’s funny. That it is. Even though obviously juvenile and downright stupid, it’s hysterical. You will laugh, if not at the actual stunts, then at the victims’ reactions to what they have just done. I found the look of terror and disbelief on some of their faces before they even went through with the stunts to be funnier than the outcome. The build-up to some instances that you knew were coming made for some very good humor.

I felt this wasn’t the funniest installment in the series, but entertaining never the less. Some slow motion scenes made for good 3D while the majority of the others didn’t really need it. Reliving some classic Jackass memories towards the end of the movie was a nice trip to the past. Remembering where they started and realizing that they pretty much grew up doing these insane things to each other. Getting paid to do what you love is given an all new meaning when you are talking about the Jackass crew.

Seeing this film makes me want to go back and see some of the original stupidity that got the whole thing started. Thinking that they could have done more but almost thankful that they didn’t, (referring to a couple scenes containing both human and dog excrement) I hope that they will finally let the Jackass legacy rest in peace. I give Jackass 3D “3 Poo Cocktail Supremes out of 5”

“Hi, I’m Steve-O… and this is Tee-Ball”