Throughout the years of American cinema, raunchy comedies have been having a resurgence lately. It all started with 1982’s “Porky’s”, which had tons of imitators. Then came 1999’s “American Pie” which also had imitators. Now we have “Ted”, a comedy that follows in the footsteps of those other films. Seth MacFarlane, best known for the hit television series ‘Family Guy’, created something very unique and totally absurd. Granted the film isn’t perfect as we have a problem with the villain, and some people may not get the humor. “Ted” is a good comedy that will have some laughing from beginning to end, while others may want to pass on to something more suitable.


The plot has John (Mark Wahlberg) living with his childhood teddy bear named Ted (Seth MacFarlane) for the past 27 years now. ever been made in television. The only difference is that Ted is a real teddy bear that came to life as part of a magical wish John made when he was little. Now that John is an adult, he has a girlfriend named Lori (Mila Kunis) and she wants John to get rid of Ted so that he will spend more time with her.


“Ted” is another comedy that fits alongside some of the greatest comedies ever made. This can be attributed to a few things. First of all, the cast is good as the main leads are not that bad and the rest of the supporting cast is filled with MacFarlane regulars like Patrick Warburton and Patrick Stewart. The direction by MacFarlane was that bad as we feel for the characters in what they go through; and this was his first time directing a live-action movie. But what makes “Ted” work is the writing. MacFarlane with co-writers Alec Sulkin & Wellesley Wild delivered a raunchy comedy that doesn’t require all the sex jokes that traditional raunchy comedies are known for. Instead we have a twisted tale about a guy who tries to form a relationship with a girl, but his best friend in the whole world gets in the way. Personally, if MacFarlane does more of this kind of comedy, then he would be more appreciated in Hollywood.


Of course, there are some minor nitpicks about the film in general. First of all, some people may not like what’s being offered and find the humor a little too juvenile. This holds true as MacFarlane has used this type of humor before in his shows. Finally, the film tries to create a lead villain, but it’s only until the end of the movie do we see who he is. Also, the ending is a bit predictable.


In conclusion, “Ted” is a raunchy comedy that offers a ton of laughs. Though there are some flaws with the movie, it’s not meant to be perfect. Some people may not find the quality of the film appealing. But overall, if we can learn anything from “Ted” it would be that audiences can stray away from the norm and go for the unexpected. See this movie yourself, you may be surprised.