Ron Howard’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” stars Jim Carrey, one of the most talented actors alive, and co-stars Molly Shannon and Taylor Momsen . The film takes place in a snowflake which is pretty original. I saw it in theaters when I was 11. I enjoy it just as much as I did when I was then as I do now.

As far as the movie’s synopsis goes, I really shouldn’t have to explain it. Everyone knows the story. But do you know the story behind The Grinch. That is what Ron Howard explores in this live action version of the TV cartoon that is played every season. The story is narrated by Anthony Hopkins, who does an excellent job. It is colorful and full of spirit.

The cast is wonderful. Jim Carrey is superb as The Grinch and Max looked just like the dog from the cartoon. The costumes were done with such accuracy to the Dr. Seuss book that it was a great accomplishment alone. Ron Howard is the exact definition of a great director. The scenery was picture perfect along with a marvelous screenplay that gives you some background on the infamous Grinch and why he became the way he is. What more could you ask for with a full length feature film?

A well done adaptation to the beloved book. It is actually more of a Jim Carrey talent show, but works even when Jim Carrey is absent in the film. This proves the talent behind the co-stars along with the creators of the gadgets that resemble Dr. Seuss’ remarkable imagination. The costume designer, Rick Baker, won a well deserved Oscar for best make-up. For the most part, the character development is a work of art. The production design seemed just like the cartoon and was also nominated for an Oscar, but unfortunately didn’t win.

I recommend this to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. The performance from Jim Carrey just might be his best yet. The film never destroys the moral of the original like the live action Dr. Seuss follow-up “The Cat In The Hat” staring Mike Myers. This is a flawless film that Dr. Seuss would appreciate as much as I do.