I am aware that I am not on the committee that chooses the nominees and the winners of such award shows as the Oscars, Critic Choice Awards and the Golden Globes.  Neither are the insightful and film savvy amateur critics that I share my love of movies with.  But I can still put in my two cents where I see fit.

                I am not in dislike of the screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin for Faceboook origin story, The Social Network, nor did I dislike the overall film.  I actually enjoyed the movie directed by David Fincher by I don’t think it was the absolute best of last year’s big screen pictures.

                As everyone may very well know by now, the film took home four awards from the Golden Globes.  I did not stay up to watch the entire program but I was surely not expecting it to win so many.  I did anticipate it would capture a couple of awards in the major film categories, but 4?  Especially being placed up against another film that I personally thought was the Movie of the Year for 2010.

                You can probably guess which one that is without me even hinting at it but I’m going to tell you anyway.  The mind tingling project written and directed by one Christopher Nolan was well deserved of its numerous nominations.  I was hoping the committee which apparently is the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that chooses these things would also be aware.  Inception seemed to be shunned during these awards and was held without a win in any category in which it was nominated.

                No, the film wasn’t perfect, not many are.  But it was very well near to being so.  These two movies are slightly and vastly different on a couple levels.  One being that Inception is more of a film that challenges the mind.  It makes you think, makes you wonder and just simply forces you to pay attention to it.  It jumps around the screen screaming “Look at me, look at me!”.  The Social Network also demands your concentration but in a different way.  It’s a true story that depicts real life drama unfolding before your eyes.

                I respectfully disagree with these decisions but I suppose that is what award shows are all about, aren’t they?  I personally do not really care for the glare and glamour that they consist of.  Sure some of the jokes and antics are quite funny and amusing.  But I would simply like to know who won what and leave it at that.  But that’s just me.  How about spreading the wealth a little?  That’s all I ask, especially to those who really deserve it.  Now on the Super Bowl of film award shows, The Oscars.

The Golden Network?