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The Cults: Cult Classics That Must Be Seen

Cult classics can either be terrible or simply amazing, and most of the time, the films are good. Cult classics in the modern age of film are always good because there is always a group of people that can appreciate the film and say that they like it with such enthusiasm that you might think that they were in it. The films effect society, change the boundaries of your thought on a subject, and make the things

My list of the 5 Cult Classics that you need to see is shaped like this:

*Honorable Mentions*: Boogie Nights, Punch-Drunk Love, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Easy Rider, Eraserhead, Punishment Park (which if you haven’t seen it, do so immediately) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (though this one is VERY close).

Evil Dead: Yes, the Sam Raimi classic. Great movie.

>Akira: Great movie. The original animated masterpiece.

>Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within: Great movie, as well.

>Tron: Yet again, a great movie. Jeff Bridges and the graphics made it amazing.

>Metropolis: Fritz Lang made a masterpiece with this silent film about a world that is large and full of wonder.’

>Metropolis: Rintaro made a masterpiece with this animated film about a world that revolves around a boy who wonders about a robot girl.

>Dazed and Confused: Awesome movie. See it.

>The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A very creepy film, plain and simple, with one of the best endings in history. It stays with you after it is over.

>Faster, Pussy-Cat! Kill! Kill!: Weirdass movie, but it was all around very effective.

>The Warriors: Walter Hill (Broken Trail) directed this film that shows the way youths in Las Angeles act on a regular basis. In reality, though, the film is amazing and should be seen.

>Freaks: One of the simply creepiest films that I have ever seen is Freaks, which was a film so bizare that at first no one was allowed to see it in theaters. The film was re-released and was put on DVD, but the original, full version was never found again because the one copy of it in entirity was burnt. See it if you want a good creeping-out.

>Donnie Darko: One of the best cult classics you can see. It is funny, dramatic and has some of the best acting you can find in a more underground film. See it, see it now.

>Moon: I’m going to call this one a cult classic because like every other cult classic, it didn’t get respect in the box office enough compared to how good it was. Sam Rockwell has the best performance EVER in this film, and the fact is that it isn’t fair that The Hurt Locker sucked the Oscar to itself with politics. When a film deserves something a lot, it should get it, and this film should have gotten a lot.

>The Boondock Saints: The awesomest slam-bang movie in recent memory. See it if you want some Dafoeage from the one and only Willem Dafoe and if you want to see two Irish brothers kick some ass.

>Brazil: Terry Gilliam’s awesome film with one of the most sad endings ever, but one of the most uplifting messages. You might as well see this one, too.

>Green Street Hooligans: One of the greatest cult classics simply because it is just good. Good acting, writing, directing, a great plot and a fantastic theme. The ending is good too. The film, I guess, is just a… near-perfect movie. See it. See it now.

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