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The Devil Inside – 0.5/5

Never in all my years (on this website or any website for that matter) have i ever given a movie such a horrible rating. Well i suppose there is a first time for everything. Devil Inside falls in the lines of pretty much every “mock” momentary style type movie and you know what? its just as horrible even worse then the other ones!. The Last Exorcism came out what? like almost a year ago and look how quickly it took for another exorcism movie to come out. And it did what was promised (not intently) of course , i really wanted to see this movie , it had the potential and i thought i would give the genre another chance and i guess i payed for it … literally. I do not know why people are so obnoxious when it comes to a movie like this. Its not scary people so i don’t know this need to convulse every time a bird hits a window or something. The whole time this mess was playing on screen i was interested at first but ultimately not surprised it has an interesting premise going for it .. the whole Rome setting deal , and for some people okay that works , but for me no!. Not to begin to mention how terrible and how pathetic it is , that Devil Inside calls an ending! HA if that was an ending then please shoot me now , cause i have seen everything. Devil Inside is not only the worst movie i have ever seen .. but the ending just puts a bow on it. Ahh you could hear the anger in the audience when this movie decided to be over. I was one of them. Maybe if this movie would have concluded better i could maybe muster up a rent it. But i can’t give that reccomendation to the people of this site. Please , regardless of anything you hear or see on TV don’t buy it cause for the most part you will be paying. Sure it has its ups and downs and at times it has moments to redeem itself from the collision as to which it was headed (no pun intended ;). But for the most part i feel like there was a riot about to break out .. after the movie plastered “DIRECTED BY….” across the screen.

Story: 3/5 – Although its pretty much shot in the same style as most of this “faux” doc*mentary type films. But this film starts out with its own twist i suppose starting as you have seen in the trailer .. with the 911 call ..about a woman whom has killed three people without knowing it. That leads from then which was October 30th 1989 .. to December 2009 .. this film is based on true events “supposedly”. A daughter of Maria Rossi – (the woman you see on the poster) is out to show the world i suppose the truth about her mother and the fact that she could have been possessed by something that made here loose control and kill 3 helpless victims on that night. Which is what would ultimately be her verdict in court .. which was insanity. Her daughter who now i believe is in her late 20s early 30s is teaming up with a director. To doc*ment the casing of her mother and the question she bares to ask .. as to why her mother was moved to Rome instead of staying in the United States. This would come to the realization (that with the help of some .. illegal pastors) and would come to the conclusion *possible spoiler* – that she is possessed by something not of human nature. The rest i will leave up to you .. that is if you bother to see it , which most of you will not want to. I have already made that mistake for you.

So Story i graded it a 3 out of 5 because i can’t penalize the story for how bad the overall movie was .. sure this story has been done to death and will never grow old .. so as long as people are making this movies people will still shell out the dough to see them. But the idea of exorcism is i suppose “out there” but not implausible. I enjoyed the paranormal activity movies and other movies such as Cloverfield. All very well done movies .. shot with the same style and authenticity this movie offers. So its not impossible that movies can be made this way and suck. Acting: 2.5/5 – Its not believable in any sense at least that is what i got out of it. The one thing movies like this need in order to be decent is decent acting i do not know about you?…but i like a movie where there actually is an effort in the acting .. not just people running around with a camera pretending to be scared. Directing: 3.0/3 – Now i have been pretty much bashing everything about this movie ..well here is some kind of one more. Directing now this style (if used correctly) can be a masterpiece but ..put in the wrong hands .. it can be brutal and not good for the audience now i did get a headache or anything so that tells me that they at least respected the overall feel for what they were trying .. and FAILED! to do.

Overall: 0.5/5 – This has got to be one of the worst movies i have ever seen in my life. I tried to enjoy this movie , i really did. But sadly Its just recycled material that is not scary. Not to mention it has and leads up to one of the most bogus ridiculous and flat out dumbest endings ever in the history of film making. Words can’t even describe. Man o man .. where to end this ..on a decent note. O i know. There is just one thing in particular i want to discuss .. a sad excuse for what this movie calls an “ending” this “ending” was so tacky , awful , non-exciting , completely and utterly disastrous. This ending to me felt like the people on this movie ran out of money and decided to end it quickly as cheapest as possible .. but instead they give us what they give us. This movie was already pushing it with me .. i was already getting pissed and then i figured “well the ending could save it” and sometimes it works for movies like that (i.e The Perfect Getaway 2009). but this movie could not be save i suppose .. well maybe. But i guess i will never know. But people just need to understand that Devil Inside is trash and polluting the minds of my generation when this movie is scaring them .. when i have seen movies like The original Exorcist .. the movie that started it all .. now there is a flippen scary movie .. so for the time being skip this junk… i’m 100% sure you can find something better to spend your hard-earned money on.




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