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Vermont Highway Patrol in jeopardy over hijinks…

Vermont Highway Patrol in jeopardy over hijinks…

After a series of altercations between the Vermont Highway Patrol and a nearby police department the state governors office is considering cutting the departments funding and turning over the territory to the local cops.

“It’s preposterous! So what, my guys have a lot of heart, their creative, and they’ve got a lot of spunk! That’s just what we need to catch these highway crooks.“ Says, Vermont Highway Patrol Captain O’Hagen.

Regardless of the opinions arrests are down and its costing the State of Vermont thousands of dollars annually to maintain the feuding departments.

“We caught a big break with this most recent bust. Unfortunately those local cops are going to try to take credit for it. But we found the RV and we discovered the dead girl with the Johnny Chimpo tattoo, so this ones ours.” Claims one of the Highway Patrolmen.

After this most recent bust and the discovery of the connection between the RV and other drug trafficking in this part of Vermont the Highway Patrol is gaining grounds on their fight to survive these most recent budget cuts.

Whether it’s testing bulletproof jock straps or hazing rookies, staging fake high speed chases or high speed maple syrup chugging contests this highway department is unlike any other police department in the country. (Well, except for those whack jobs in Reno.)

Checkout all the craziness in the 2002 Broken Lizard classic Super Troopers.

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