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Top 5 Greatest Technological Advancements in Film

The movies are what we look to, often times, to see things that we have never seen before, such as a certain kind of graphics and a different kind of camera that makes everything awesome. With these films, I am showing the 5 greatest advancements in technology in films and the movies that introduced them.

5. “Goddamned Dinosaurs”: Jurassic Park (1993) – This Speilberg-directed film was once the highest grossing film of all time because of its amazing graphics and the ability to make realistic-looking effects, which was almost unheard of (besides the work of a singular director that made this list a lot) in the world before it was made.

4. Cameras: Avatar (2009) – James Cameron and Vince Pace created the Fusion Camera System, which allowed the shooting of features in stereoscopic 3-D, which means that what you were filming could be seen in the actual graphicized form on the camera screen. Freaky, huh? Well, this technology has given Paul W.S. Anderson the ability to make his new Resident Evil movie more awesome, and has given him the ability to make the graphics so stunning that the world may one day enter into the age where glasses are not necessary to watch a 3-D movie (maybe. It’d be cool, wouldn’t it?).

3. Robots: Terminator (1984) – To this day, the graphics have never leaped more into the future than they did when James Cameron’s “The Terminator” was created in 1984 with stunning visuals. It was only trumped in amazing graphics by Terminator 2, which was WAY ahead of its time (and though the graphics were better, the leap from the way the graphics were was not as big).

2. CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery): Westworld (1973) – Contrary to popular belief, Star Wars is not the first film to use CGI. The first was actually a sci-fi film about humans and robots working together made 4 years before it. CGI is important because it redefined the ability of the director to make the graphics on a film instead of having to use set pieces and makes models and what not to make the scene look genuine.

1. 3-D: The Power of Love (1922) – Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the ability to make a movie in 3-D has been around since 1900, but the ability to use it in a film in front of a live audience and revolutionize film wasn’t until 1922 when the film The Power of Love came out.

>Avatar (2009) – I am also putting Avatar down on this one because it opened the gate on the 3-D craze, allowing the new leaders of Hollywood to experiment with the technology that they were given.

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  1. I would list Star Wars as groundbreaking in that before ILM, the effects industry didn’t have the Dykstraflex motion control ed camera system that Industrial Light and Magic used until computer graphics came along.

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