Hoodwinked the Sequel Hood vs. Evil.Director: Mike Disa 

Red Riding Hood is training in the group of Sister Hoods, when she and the Wolf are called to examine the sudden mysterious disappearance of Hansel and Gretel. I can say is far the worst kid movie this summer.  This movie should have been in Wal-Mart with all of the other Barbie Movies that don’t make it to the big screen.   

My 7 year old son went to view Hoodwinked 2.  My son had been exited to see it all week, he even said I could have wrote this movie.  Hansel and Gretel are not who they seem to be, and out of nowhere they try to fit in another story about conflict between red riding hood grandmother and some weird looking lady.  I am telling you I wouldn’t take a 1 year old to see this.  They will probably throw their bottle or Sippy-cup at the screen.