This film is about the diseased plague that has taken over central Europe. Behman (Nicholas Cage) and Felson (Ron Perlman) are medieval knights and have been on the battle field for many years fighting for the Catholic Church. On one of their battles, Behman accidentally kills a young girl. Filled with anger and remorse, he goes to the leader and protests. When the leader tells him that he must do what he is told, Behman and Felson go awol. Now, Behman and Felson are travelling to find food and water when they come into a town that has the plague, too. The Catholic leader believes that the plague comes from a witch they have captive (Claire Foy). He wants Behman and Felson to take the girl to another town where the last Catholic book ritual is left that takes away the witch’s power. Behman and Felson journey along with other soldiers to end the plague. While on their way, people begin to die and unfortunate events continue to happen. Will they make it to the city before everyone is dead?Review:I hated this film. I’m a big Nicholas Cage fan but this was the worst. For such a great actor to take on a bogus role lowers his past accomplishments of his other films. So they have to travel with this witch as prisoner and take her to see a priest who can diminish her powers. The scenery images were nice to see, as I am a medieval fan. I also hated that the witch is NOT a witch; she’s a possessed demon trying to destroy the ritual book. What a terrible twist. The fight scenes were pathetic. They looked like old men fighting in a nursing home over the last jello pudding. I feel no need to discuss the other characters, as I will feel the same for them. I hope that Nicholas’ next movie, “Drive Angry” will redeem him. All in all, I will never view this film again.