The Green Hornet-Review

After a million and twelve trailer viewings in theaters and T.V since last year, The Green Hornet finally premiered. The film starts off with a boy named Britt Reid (Seth Rogan) who is living the luxury life but has a strict-ridden father who only shows disappointment in him. His father, James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) is the owner of The Daily Sentinel newspaper and his main goal is to first report criminals to get them off the street than be a father. Years later, the neglect turns Britt into a party boy without a potential future. Britt has to grow up fast when his father dies of a bee sting and the company is left to him. After a mishap with his daily morning routine, Britt comes across his father’s mechanic, Kato (Jay Chou). Kato not only fixes cars but he improves them with bullet proof glass, a record player behind the front seat, spikes coming out of the tires and much more. Britt and Kato decide to go out and to pull off a big prank; while doing so Britt sees a couple getting mugged. Now, he much intervene-with Kato’s help-saved the couple from theft and violence. This sparks an idea in Britt to become superheros disguised as villains. Everything goes to plan and they are taking the crime out of the streets one by one. Until, the L.A. crime boss, Chudnofsky (Christopher Waltz), begins to lose drug business. Now a bounty is put on Britt’s (the green hornet) and Kato’s head. Also Britt found out about a surprising corruption in the government that he must unfold to the public. Will Britt and Kato expose the culprit? Will Chudnofsky end the super duo? Review:This movie was in just about all of the movie previews in the theaters since the middle of last year. I got so tired of watching the same preview over and over again that I decided not to see it. When it came out, I said “what the hey, I’ll go.” I was expecting for the movie to be a flap because of the overhype, but I loved this film. Seth is so hilarious and with Jay’s limited English, just makes the jokes funnier. I loved the gadgets Kato made on the cars. I would have to say my favorite is front wheel drive. There’s a scene where half of the car gets ripped off by the elevator leaving the front two wheels to use and it’s usable. I enjoyed the villain, Chudnofsky, and his “I don’t look scary” worry. Meaning, some people keep telling him that he doesn’t look scary because he is older and has a hard name to same. Cameron Diaz, (Lenore Case), plays Britt’s secretary and the brains regarding criminal activity and the newspaper. I enjoyed her role, she didn’t come off as the sexy one or the flirtasous girl or the damsel in distress. She used her brains instead of her body (girl power)! There weren’t any love scenes or romantic moments, which is great. Let action-comedy be action-comedy and romance be romance. The only negative thing I have to say is that I didn’t like that the superhero duo and the crime mob was unnecessarily destroying a million dollar newspaper building with gun shootings and car driving. All Britt and Kato had to do was get out of the car. Anyway, all in all I will buy this movie when it comes to DVD or blu-ray. 

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