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Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Version)

After seeing the extended version of the Rupert Sanders’ directed Snow White and the Huntsman, I can honestly say I should have watched the theatrical version instead.  It was a historical fantasy that starred Kirsten Stewart and Chris Hemsworth as the title characters with Charlize Theron stealing the show as the evil queen.  Likewise, the movie starred Sam Claflin as Snow White’s childhood friend William and Sam Spruell as the evil queen’s brother.

And the movie began with Snow White’s mother dying, and her father rescuing a young woman from a mysterious dark army.  The young woman was secretly in league with the bad guy and through magic had become a succubus.  This would lead to the king being killed and Snow White being imprisoned.  She would later escape after the Queen discovered the truth.  Snow White was destined to be the Queen’s downfall.  The Huntsman would be forcibly recruited to bring her back.  He’d take pity on her, and this would lead to a journey across the outskirts of the kingdom (while being hunted the whole time).  All the while, Snow White was shown to be the antithesis to the Queen bringing life back into the land (that the Queen had sucked dry).  And yes, the Seven Dwarfs would play a significant part (and serve as the comic relief, not surprisingly).

But of course, there’s the reason why I should have watched the theatrical version.  Not that the movie was bad or anything, it’s just it was way too slow moving.  In other words, it was too obvious why certain scenes were cut.  Also, the acting was a bit uneven (like I’m sure most have heard by now).  Charlize Theron did an amazing job as the queen and practically made the movie worth watching in herself.  Likewise, Sam Spruell also did a very good job but was still overshadowed when sharing the screen with Theron.  Hemsworth also did a pretty good job but nothing special.  He basically acted the same he did in Thor (minus the God-Complex that comes with being a, well, God).  Claflin and each of the actors playing the dwarfs did decent jobs as well but nothing memorable.  Kirsten Stewart, on the other hand, almost ruined the movie.  Her acting was terrible and, in fact, even worse here than in Twilight.  Also, aside from the slow pacing, the poisoned apple scene actually felt a bit rushed.  It happened without much of a lead-in at all.  In the end, the only other thing this movie really had going for it (besides Theron’s performance) is the special effects.  They were quite good in themselves.

In the end, I found this movie entertaining but not particularly good.  Charlize Theron’s special effects and some better than average special effects saved this movie from being awful, but there’s still many movies that have come out this year that are better.  And this is still one of the weaker movies I’ve written a review for.

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